If you’re looking to move from Visme, here are top 10 other flowchart makers we recommend. You can read our quick flowchart maker guide and go into our in-depth reviews of each of these tools.

Below are our pick of top 10 other flowchart makers.

10 Alternatives to Visme

1. Zen Flowchart

This review is biased, but Zen Flowchart is the best alternative flowchart maker, as it was designed from the ground up. Learn more about our flowchart maker here: https://www.zenflowchart.com/

zen flowchart

2. Miro

Miro’s core capability is online whiteboard. While you can create flowcharts with it, it doesn’t have native support for flowchart.

3. Lucidchart

Lucidchart is a good tool to make complex flowcharts, but the UI is very complex and can take a long time for users to learn.

4. Visio

This is the original flowchart maker made my Microsoft. The tool is fairly easy to use, but it is only offline and does not have any collaboration features. It’s also quite expensive.

5. Cacoo

Cacoo has a great suite of productivity apps to help you get things done. Our main complaint is the UX a bit lacking.

6. Draw.io

Drawio is great at making flowcharts, but the main drawback is that there are no file management system, and no sharing features.

7. Gliffy

Gliffy is a flowchart maker that has been around, but unfortunately, the technology has not been updated as of late. Its integration with Jira is seamless though.

8. SmartDraw

SmartDraw’s UI is too outdated and overly complex for a task as simple as building process flowcharts.

9. EDrawMax

EDrawMax is a capable tool with many diagramming features. As it aims to do too much, it lacks focus on flowchart features.

10. Canva

Canva is the ubiquitous tool for simple design, but it does not have native flowcharting features. As a result, we do not recommend this tool for making flowcharts.

11. Visual Paradigm Online

This tool’s UI is clunky and too complex. Although you can still create flowcharts with it.

About Visme

Visme provides a simple yet powerful online tool to create flowcharts and process maps. We believe that the best tools should be intuitive, efficient, and affordable. That's why we offer all the features professionals need in one simple package, from standard features like shapes, connectors, and backgrounds to extensions for PowerPoint presentations and Gantt charts for project management. We've structured our pricing so that you only pay for what you're using - no more. Our most popular plan starts at just $5 per month. Visme is proudly built by a team of passionate designers and developers who love using their skills to help people create engaging visuals online.

Our team is passionate about solving complex problems and making a difference in the world. That's why we created Visme, to give people everywhere an easy way to visualize ideas and messages through flowcharts and process maps, instantly share them with others, and even publish them as infographics or presentation slides.It all started when I was looking for a tool like this myself. I needed to create graphics for my research work but there were no tools that offered what I needed. So I created one: Visme.

Visme Features

Visme is an online software that allows you to create and share your presentations, infographics, marketing collaterals, and more. With just one click, your company’s message will reach a wide audience with the help of modern designs and attractive animations.

We developed Visme to provide a software that would allow you to create flowcharts and process maps without any special skills. With this tool, you can create professional-looking diagrams in minutes with no design experience needed.

Visme Testimonials

"It was really easy to use and understand. I was able to create a flowchart in less than 5 minutes and the design options are so many! Even if you're not creative, there is a lot of choices that can help."

"Visme is a great tool for a person with no design background. You just drag and drop shapes and the software does all the work."

"I created a flowchart I wanted to share with my colleagues and the process was so much easier with Visme. Just a few clicks and I had a nice looking, professional looking design ready to go."

"I was struggling with a process map for my current job, I wanted something that could serve as an example and also be easy to modify. Visme did the trick! The best part is that it's editable, so I can update it as needed."

"We use Visme to create flowcharts of our company's processes and it has been a huge success. We now know what work we need to do and where we can improve. We love it so much, and I recommend this software to everyone."

"I love that Visme is easy and intuitive to use. It has helped me create beautiful visual representations of projects for my clients."

"Visme is a great tool for anyone who needs to explain anything from process management to data gathering. It's simple and easy to use, and I love that you can edit on the fly! I would recommend this for anyone looking for a quick way to create visual aids."