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Review Summary: This is the original flowchart maker made my Microsoft. The tool is fairly easy to use, but it is only offline and does not have any collaboration features. It’s also quite expensive.
Has Flowchart Symbols: Yes
Ease of Use: 3/5
Collaboration: No
Overall Score: 3/5


Establishing an organizational chart or basic flowchart usually starts with a virtual pen, protractor, and some design tools. However, Microsoft has changed the game with Visio - an advanced diagramming solution for this professional aspect. 

Updated regularly since 2000, this helpful tool provides cutting-edge features for process mapping. That is why we came up with Visio Flowchart Maker - product review to reveal more interesting edges.

Key Features 

Going in line with Microsoft's technology reputation, Visio has proven itself as the top choice for the diagramming tool.

Visio Flowchart Maker - Product Review
Microsoft Visio 2019

Beautiful templates

Visio has a comprehensive template library to simplify the setup process for business workflow. If you are a newbie, take advantage of these available resources to achieve precision and perfection.

Collaboration tools

This program allows stakeholders to operate on the same project management. The powerful feature sets it apart from its rivals and brings cooperative value to your team plan. It also increases productivity and saves time for exchanging via third-party applications.

Real-time data sources

It is obvious that enterprises work on several platforms such as Microsoft Excel, SQL Server, and Microsoft Access. These internal data connect to each other, and of course, to the process map. Fortunately, Visio accepts this compatibility and recommends automatic updates when needed.

Web-based platform

Not only serving as diagram software, but this tool also offers a web version. This means that you can log in from various devices without a license as the PC requirement.

Microsoft 365 integration

As mentioned above, Visio links to Excel but not only that. It comes along with other programs in Office 365 that help increase productivity when handling work.


Easy To Use And Create A Flowchart

Visio Flowchart Maker - Product Review
There are numerous templates available.

As noted above, Visio provides pre-built templates and stencils for various simple flowcharts, including basic, process, and block. They come in many built-in formats such as Matrix, Cycle, Venn, Pyramid, etc. The best part is that the components are flexible to optimize arrangement according to each specific situation.

Furthermore, users have access to a large library of shapes and ready-to-use icons. It enriches the flowchart's information by visualizing important details. This makes communication and information delivery smooth and intelligible to professionals and non-tech audiences.

The drag and drop feature assists business owners in completing a flowchart with ease. Without a doubt, the outcome never lets you down. Besides being informative, automatic spacing on a page results in professional and delightful projects.

Includes Subscription Plan And One-Time Plan

Visio serves both individual and corporate customers with a wide variety of pricing options. You can choose between a monthly or a permanent subscription. Microsoft offers a 30-day free trial package if you are still on the fence. Needless to say, the free version does not come with such outstanding features.

Offers A Discount For Nonprofits

Aspiring to focus on goodwill, Visio provides industry-leading technology at affordable prices for nonprofits to fulfill their good mission for the community. To receive the discount offer, businesses must demonstrate eligibility as set out in IRS Section 501(c)3.


No Live Support

Regrettably, Microsoft does not deliver live support via live chat or hotlines. If you face any trouble during installation and use, look no further than the articles and video tutorials on the help center to solve the problem. Another helpful alternative is the large user community or the developer contact form.

Limited Shapes And Icons

Except for some basic features, the Visio versions offer various enhancements. For example, the Pro model adds some additional templates and industry-standard shapes, especially for educational purposes. In contrast, the preload library of the Standard package is a bit poor to optimize the user experience.


Visio Flowchart Maker - Product Review
Visio pricing details

If you decide to go for monthly subscriptions, there are two suggestions. The most affordable option - Visio Plan 1, which includes the web-based version and 2 GB cloud storage, costs $5.00 with an annual commitment (or $1 more for a monthly payment). 

Meanwhile, Visio Plan 2 is two times more expensive ($15.00 or $18.00 per user per month, paid yearly or monthly). However, it allows access via PC and some advanced features.

Besides, it seems economical for large businesses to buy a user license in case you look for long-term usage. With Visio 2019, two choices are on the table: $530 for Pro versions (includes powerful collaboration features) and the cheaper option - $280 for basic ones.