Summary (TLDR):

Review Summary: Miro’s core capability is online whiteboard. While you can create flowcharts with it, it doesn’t have native support for flowchart.
Has Flowchart Symbols: Yes
Ease of Use: 3/5
Collaboration: Yes
Overall Score: 3/5


In response to the surging popularity of flowcharts, the market has offered numerous online visual tools for a more timely and efficient output. Miro Flowchart Maker is one such instrument. This Miro Flowchart Maker - product review will plunge deep into its functionalities.

The Main Creative Features

Miro Flowchart Maker - Product Review
Project managers will benefit from these software design diagrams

Before any critical comments, it is important to get familiarized with the user interface. Overall, two main sectors are in charge: a whiteboard and its accompanying accessories.

The digital whiteboard is comparable to a blank canvas, where creative ideas take shape. Users could enlarge or contract its proportions via the tap-and-zoom operation. A selection of basic shapes is incorporated into the diagram, ready for immediate usage. These sharing boards also support customized photos and graphics.

Miro offered a comprehensive library of diagram templates for novices who are undecided on their overall layout. Once launching the program, you might navigate this library and pick a theme corresponding to the topic. However, if skilled users prefer to tweak the visual style of the framework, Miro's advanced settings are where to look for.

You may want to cover important bonuses in your presentation - but they do not fit well with complex charts. Here is where digital sticky notes enter the scene. Specifically, clients might add important reminders to these vacant spaces. Meanwhile, their on-screen position adjustments are also feasible. 

Lastly, the program facilitates real-time online meetings. Remote teams may share screens, add comments, and engage in strategic planning.

Miro Flowchart Maker - Product Review


Miro Flowchart Maker - Product Review
It has daily work chats and collaborative editing options

As previous sections established, online meetings are the primary feature. Given the intensity of our current pandemic and the open-bordered nature of work environments, such functions are a major step up. Geographical discrepancies no longer threaten our attention management and overall productivity.

Furthermore, non-tech clients will find immense solace in the program layout. All the gadgets are straightforward and neatly ordered. About five to ten minutes of navigating around could familiarize any user with the dashboard design, saving time and effort. 

A quick visit to the official website would do in some (rare) cases of lingering confusion. It will reintroduce all the dominant chart functions and basic features to you. 

Still, one of the most notable benefits lies in Miro's seamless fusion with other mind mapping diagrams. (Zapier is a recent example). These collaborations support smooth file exporting and importing. It is a breeze to transfer mind maps from Zapier to Miro and vice versa. 

The brand is also developing diverse variants to accommodate a wider platform array. Customers can now expect versions for Zoom and Google Drive. A balanced combination of these efficient apps will elevate working productivity to new heights.


Miro Flowchart Maker - Product Review
Users report some light annoyance

For starters, the program is a bit clunky and slow in processing at times. That is particularly true for low-definition computers, which cannot accommodate a broad range of design features. Hence, before purchase, we suggest you try the freemium version. It helps assess the long-term compatibility between Miro and your chosen devices.

A minor bug is also reported during certain tasks, such as copying and pasting. It is quite a bother - given that these two operations repeat themselves quite frequently during process flows. As per most reviews, its frequencies vary across devices, though. So once again, opt for the free version to decide on your subsequent investment.

Though this diagram software has recently teamed up with Google Docs and Excel, such hybrids are still deficient and time-consuming. A few clients reported wasting 10 minutes just for Google-Miro synchronization. However, since the features are still in their infancy, we can expect more improvement in the future.


Miro Flowchart Maker - Product Review
The unlimited team version thrives among product managers

Compared to the free version, paid accounts do not have any restriction on the total amount of whiteboards. A few more connectivity possibilities are also at play. Moreover, access to video conferences and online meetings only activates in paid programs.

  • Unlimited Team: $8 (a person per month) 
  • Consultant: $12/month 
  • Business: $16/month 
  • Entrepreneurship: Custom pricing for each company size (51- 200 employees)

The Consultant category is reserved for those in regular interaction with their customers. It contains extra privacy and security strengthening. You may also purchase day tickets ($3 each) for ad-hoc collaboration. Meanwhile, the Business version entails all these building blocks - with the addition of Single Sign-On.

Lastly, enterprise accounts cover a Minitab workspace and editable boards. Additional user and project management gadgets are included as well.