Summary (TLDR):

Review Summary: Creately is a great at creating general visuals, but is not made as a native flowchart tool.
Has Flowchart Symbols: No
Ease of Use: 2/5
Collaboration: Yes
Overall Score: 3/5


Creately flowchart maker is a virtual workspace that allows you to brainstorm, create amazing diagrams, plan and manage your projects. Working with this “infinite canvas,” teams can visualize their ideas with real-time collaboration, add data and resources, analyze a range of project needs, and make decisions. 

Creately is an ideal option for everybody, be it a teacher or a business analyst. There are millions of users, including leading organizations such as Amazon, eBay, PayPal, NASA, Netflix, Disney, etc.  

Main Features

Fast And Easy Diagramming

You can find any templates for any diagram types in Creately flowchart maker to illustrate your projects with complex processes quickly and effectively. 

Thousands of diagram standards and templates such as class diagrams, architecture diagrams, etc are in store. The app permits you to create boxes and connection lines with just one click quickly, which is one of the inventive highlights of the flowchart software.

Creately cuts down the time of building flowcharts with the standard flowchart symbols and auto-adjustment of smart objects. Depending on your settings, the workflow management software adapts layout, standard symbols, and shapes to fit your flow diagrams. Furthermore, you can adjust the organizational chart to the store for reuse purposes.  

Creately Flowchart Maker - Product Review
Instant flowchart


With Creately, everything is synced, so you can present the same data such as notes, business processes, etc. The collaboration tool offers a history of changed versions in which you and your teammates can see if there are any adjustments, feedback, or inline comments. The diagrams are saved in a separate version as every change is made. 

Integration With Work Apps

Creately lets you integrate with any cloud tool you want, such as Adobe creative cloud. You can drag-drop, place, group, and move the items to the desired places. Any data added to the visual canvas will be synced. Feel free to extend the core platforms by adding in-depth details and inputting additional notes, meta-data, and information.

Creately Flowchart Maker - Product Review
Creately diagram


Data Export And Import

The professional diagram tool is able to import data under JPEG, PNG, SVG Record and VISIO file formats. You can also export your flow charts into any formats above and share them with your teammate. One of the key highlights here is that the tool supports SVG and VISIO.

With SVG, you are free to increase or decrease the scale of your charts but still keep the same picture quality. Meanwhile, VISIO opens up a chance to edit the files you made in Microsoft Visio directly in Creately flowchart maker. You will not lose any elements or formatting of your file. 

Diagram Tools And Wide Range Of Templates

You can start with the blank diagram and choose templates from the collection of diagram types. The presets of the app are helpful, especially if you are a new user. Just take some simple steps, and it saves you a lot of time. 

All you need to do is input text and build connections for your design structure. A toolbar is available to assist you in selecting texts or objects. The drag-and-drop clean interface enables you to move the objects easily. Creating complex diagrams is not a problem as well. 

Collaboration In Real-time

All business owners fish for real-time collaboration, and Creately gives you just that. You can send an invitation by email to invite people. There are sharable links to send to your collaborators for viewing and editing purposes.

It is easy to view and organize your work in the "My task" control center. You can assign task roles to members and create a process flow chart with clear multiple responsibilities in the collaboration stage. The chart style is customizable, and the charting interface is quite straightforward.

Creately Flowchart Maker - Product Review
Real-time collaboration

Offline Desktop Version

Whenever you create any diagram, single tick on "diagram anywhere", and your file will be ready both online and offline. This function of Creately flowchart maker brings users lots of conveniences, which allows you to do the edit anywhere, anytime. 

You can amend your network diagrams offline, and when you have the internet again, your file will be updated immediately and automatically.


Limitations In Diagram

Some users have noted some missing drawing elements, such as the rulers. There is a limitation on the number of presets in some specific businesses. The app may require you to modify the existing chart templates before selecting them.

Also, it can be a challenge for users to navigate the interface and learn to build and edit the charts. 

Collaboration Features Problems

In general, Creately boasts valuable and useful visual collaboration features for teams. However, some users have reported their experience of the slow speed of these features, which causes some lagging moments during meetings. 

Pricing Details

You can try the free version of Creately flowchart maker with three workspace and limited shapes, import/export formats, and storage. 

Otherwise, go for the personal and team package with the price of $6.95 and $8 per month (for one user), respectively. If you want to save more, buy the yearly packages, which cost each user $4 per month for personal use and $4.75 per month for each member of the team.