How to make a Flowchart?

Before making flowcharts, we must first understand what they are. In simple terms, flowchart or flow chart, is a type of diagram that describe processes. These diagrams compose of blocks, often rectangular, connected by arrows. The blocks contain information of a step in a process. In such way, the blocks help keep the information of a process concise. Flowlines, in turn, serve to signify the direction or flow of the steps in a given process.

How to make a flowchart in 5 steps

1. Map out major steps

Start drawing several major blocks that represent the most important steps in your process. Don’t worry about the details for now. Flowchart is actually a great tool for brainstorming, which means you don’t need to have every detail of the chart worked out before drawing the diagram. In most cases, you can start with the starting block, and continue working your way through the end of the process. Because flowcharts are read left to right and top to bottom, start your first node at the top left corner of your workspace.

2. Key in details

Fill in the remaining steps. We recommend working in the natural order of the process. An optional step here is to style your chart with different shapes and color to make it easier to follow.

3. Test your result

Work through all the steps in your chart to make sure they are clear and exhaustive, and that there is no open-ended node remained. When there is a decision point, make sure the options cover all possible scenarios.

4. Gather feedback

Share a draft of the flowchart and get feedback from the intended users. If the chart is meant just for yourself then you can skip this step. But if the chart is meant for a team or a group of people, then it’s important to get their feedback to make sure that your flowchart is accurate and helpful.

5. Publish the flowchart

Flowchart Example - Process Flowchart
Hiring Process Flowchart

Flowcharts should be made easily accessible to all parties involved. So make sure you publish your work in the right place. Our online flowchart maker Zen Flowchart has a handy publishing feature, which allows you to publish and share your flowcharts. Any future updates you make to the document will automatically be updated.