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What is a Concept Map?

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When boiled down to its absolute basics and essentials, a concept map is really nothing more than a diagram or a visual representation of the individual and shared relationships between core concepts and ideas. It is similar, but is fundamentally different from mind maps.

As you think of new ideas to tackle a problem, to overcome an obstacle, or to achieve a goal, you’re going to find that organizing these great ideas – and figuring out which one to pursue and when – becomes a real challenge.

With concept maps, however, the process is streamlined and simplified significantly. These conceptual diagrams aren’t just easier to build than other “relationship charts”, but they dovetail nicely with the way your brain thinks about disparate ideas and how it combines them together through their shared relationships.

Learn more about Concept Maps in our Introduction to Concept Maps post.

Components of a Concept Map

Concept maps have a structure similar to a tree. Each concept map has one Central Node (or Central Topic). Stemming from the central node are branches (just like the branches of a tree!). In turn, each branch connects the Central Node with Subtopics. Each node can have a Sibling Topic or a Subtopic. Every node may also contain icons, external links, or images.

Concept Map Examples

Concept maps can be used in various ways and all industries. For more inspiration, take a look at our concept map examples article.

About our Concept Map Maker

Zen Flowchart is the simplest online free software to create concept maps, mind maps, and more. With a minimal and intuitive user interface, creating mindmaps or concept maps with our free online concept map maker is very easy and delightful. Our online software also has Export and Publish features, which allow users to easily present and share their work.

Concept Map - FAQ

What is a concept map?
A concept map is a diagram that uses shapes, colors, and lines to show the relationships between concepts. The map helps people organize thoughts about a subject. It is often used as a tool for teaching, learning, and knowledge management.
How do you create a concept map?
First, find an idea that you want to explore. Brainstorm topics related to this idea. Make a few lines on a sheet of paper to represent your topics. Put each topic on its own line and give it a title. Connect the lines with arrows to show the flow of ideas.
What is purpose of concept mapping?
Concept mapping is a form of brainstorming. The process involves taking an idea and identifying key words to develop the concept. This helps to reveal the relationships between words, ideas, and feelings. The next step is linking these words up with other key words in a visual layout on paper. This will help you understand your thoughts and needs by arranging them in logical order.
What is a concept map in research?
Concept maps are a visual representation of concepts and the relationships between them. They are used in research to help gain coherence in understanding complicated topics or phenomena.
What makes a good concept map?
It is important to keep a concept map simple. It should include the major topic, main idea and supporting points. You also want to make sure that your map is organized in a clear way. You may use color or different fonts for each section.