What symbol is parallelogram in flowchart?

Parallelogram represents the input and output symbols in a flowchart; it also represents data in general. In other words, the paralellogram shape represents a data's value as it enters a process or is sent out of a process.

How to use parallelogram in flowchart?

Add a parallelogram (input/output symbol) as a step in your flowchart whenever there's a step which involves inputting or outputting data. For example, in a step which a program requires a user's email address, use this input/ouput symbol.

All Flowchart Symbols

Flowchart Symbols
Flowchart Symbols

1. Flowline: Shows the process’ direction. Each flowline connects two blocks.

2. Terminal: Indicates the beginning or end of a flowchart

3. Process: Represent a step in a process. This is the most common component of a flowchart.

4. Decision: Shows a step that decides the next step in a process. This is commonly a yes/no or true/false question.

5. Input / Output: Indicates the process of inputting or outputting external data.

6. Annotation / Comment: Indicates additional information regarding a step in a process.

7. Predefined Process: Shows named process which is defined elsewhere.

8. On-page Connector: Pairs of on-page connecter are used to replace long lines on a flowchart page.

9. Off-page Connector: An off-page connector is used when the target is on another page.

10. Delay: Any delay period that is part of a process

11. Alternate Process: An alternate to the normal process step. Flow lines to an alternate process block is usually dashed.

12. Data: Data input or output

13. Document: A document

14. Multi-document: Multiple documents

15. Preparation: A preparation step

16. Display: A machine display

17. Manual Input: Data or information into a system

18. Manual Operation: A process step that isn’t automated