Summary (TLDR):

Review Summary: It's a creative way to create flowcharts, but not very practical.
Has Flowchart Symbols: No
Ease of Use: 2/5
Collaboration: No
Overall Score: 2/5


Are you struggling with data management when diving into a bunch of information but don't know how to arrange it effectively? Try out Textografo Flowchart Maker! - An online platform provides diagram creation services to assist your daily workflow.

This article will give you a thorough review of this online diagram maker software.

Main features 


Unlike other diagram software, this organizational chart does not allow drag-and-drop elements from the computer drive onto the board. Instead, you need to insert information in a command consequence on the left side of the screen to have a mind map automatically created for you. Due to this intelligent feature, many product managers and business analysts use this diagramming tool.

Textografo Flowchart Maker
How To Use Textografo


There are two ways to store information on this powerful tool. The first way is to save on the Cloud to use them online and share the professional diagrams with your teammates for making any changes if possible. The other way is to save them on Google Drive; this saving method will help everyone access the document more easily.

PNG And SVG Export

Besides those fabulous functions, you can also export the diagrams into PNG or SVG (High-quality pictures) and post them on your website.

Make Basic Shapes

One unique characteristic of this flowchart creator is using the Hashtag to create the shapes. For instance, if you want to create a rectangle shape, you can type #rectangle, and the shape will immediately appear after you finish typing.

Multiple Diagrams Templates

Taxtografo can satisfy any customers’ requirements with its wide range of chart resources. Some of the commonly used real-time charts are network diagrams, mind mapping, and concept maps.

Textografo Flowchart Maker
Multiples Diagram Templates

History Revision

Textografo has a function that can save you from making mistakes. Specifically, this cloud-based diagramming tool will allow you to revise the history once you accidentally delete the important information.


Easy To Use 

Textografo has an intuitive interface that helps us implement the design options easily. You can make up complex diagram types without wasting time struggling on the paper with just a few clicks. 

Most online diagram software will require you to text and arrange the blocks yourself. However, with Textografo, the app will automatically insert text on the blocks and arrange them in a logical order once you type in consequence commands.

Free Trial

To help the customer approach this diagram generator more easily, the developers offer newbies a 7-day trial. Customers can experience the full functions of the app without registration or credit card. After the trial expires, you can continue your subscription to the app with reasonable pricing plans.

Language Support

Textografo developers target multinational customers; therefore, they set up many languages on the software. There are four languages supported in the diagrams: English, Spanish, Portuguese and French. Due to the multi-language transformation, it is extremely helpful if you have to work with foreign partners.

Convenient Communication

You can interact well with your teammates or your customers through Textografo. This platform will replace the conventional text team plan with a more lively presentation, making it more persuadable to your customers. Moreover, it is much easier to discuss directly through the real-time collaboration feature on the software.


Can Not Drag And Drop

Unlike other substitutes, editors have to create a Textografo diagram through a linear data system. This complicated process can be an obstacle for new users, and they will have to practice for a long time to become accustomed to the system. Besides, importing data by hand can sometimes make faults to the diagram.

Not Support Mobile Version

In the up-to-date version, single users can only utilize this software through an online web on the computer. If people are not at the office or home, they cannot get access to their organization chart through mobile devices. The lack of versatility can withdraw the customers from using this app conveniently.

Not Available On Windows, Mac

Not only is this online tool unavailable on mobile, but it is also inaccessible on Windows or iOS versions. Another drawback of this flowchart maker is that it doesn't allow shortcuts on other windows screens. Consequently,  your data can neither be saved nor revised in case of Internet loss.

Long Confirmation Time

When you make up your mind to register on this software, it will take long hours for the confirmation email to be received. It could be a bit frustrating if you are in an emergency to utilize these advanced features. Furthermore, the delay in registration can also degrade customer service in the long term.


When it comes to registration, Textografo offers two pricing plans: Essentials and Premium. 

Essentials: With the price of $4 per month paid annually, this package is quite economical. The software developer will give single users five private diagrams and 50 standard shapes for each one, except for the history revision function.

Premium: Premium is $10 higher than the essentials. This high-standard package will give single users unlimited access to the collection of templates. Moreover, you can export the online diagrams in both PNG and SVG.