If you’re looking to move from Visio, here are top 10 other flowchart makers we recommend. You can read our quick flowchart maker guide and go into our in-depth reviews of each of these tools.

Below are our pick of top 10 other flowchart makers.

10 Alternatives to Visio

1. Zen Flowchart

This review is biased, but Zen Flowchart is the best alternative flowchart maker, as it was designed from the ground up. Learn more about our flowchart maker here: https://www.zenflowchart.com/

zen flowchart

2. Miro

Miro’s core capability is online whiteboard. While you can create flowcharts with it, it doesn’t have native support for flowchart.

3. Lucidchart

Lucidchart is a good tool to make complex flowcharts, but the UI is very complex and can take a long time for users to learn.

4. Visio

This is the original flowchart maker made my Microsoft. The tool is fairly easy to use, but it is only offline and does not have any collaboration features. It’s also quite expensive.

5. Cacoo

Cacoo has a great suite of productivity apps to help you get things done. Our main complaint is the UX a bit lacking.

6. Draw.io

Drawio is great at making flowcharts, but the main drawback is that there are no file management system, and no sharing features.

7. Gliffy

Gliffy is a flowchart maker that has been around, but unfortunately, the technology has not been updated as of late. Its integration with Jira is seamless though.

8. SmartDraw

SmartDraw’s UI is too outdated and overly complex for a task as simple as building process flowcharts.

9. EDrawMax

EDrawMax is a capable tool with many diagramming features. As it aims to do too much, it lacks focus on flowchart features.

10. Canva

Canva is the ubiquitous tool for simple design, but it does not have native flowcharting features. As a result, we do not recommend this tool for making flowcharts.

11. Visual Paradigm Online

This tool’s UI is clunky and too complex. Although you can still create flowcharts with it.

About Visio

Visio is the best way to communicate and share your project plans, designs and ideas. We help teams collaborate, simplify design and build better products. Visio is a cloud-based diagramming software that helps people visualize ideas quickly and easily. With over 12 million users worldwide, Visio can be used by everyone from professional designers, to educators, to students of all ages. Visio was created in 1994 when our founder took inspiration from his family construction business to create a graphical layout program for documents

Visio is a software that enables people to create and share professional-looking flowcharts and process maps online, in real-time. Our goal is to provide the best, easiest solution for creating professional-grade Visio diagrams. Visio was originally created by an engineer who wanted to find the right diagramming software for his own needs and quickly realized he had found something much bigger than just the one person's problem. Visio is perfect for product managers who need to understand how their product works, including how all the different pieces fit together. It can also help designers communicate their ideas better with stakeholders and create data flows in minutes with pre-built shapes that work brilliantly together; not to mention it's an indispensable tool for any business trying to map out customer journeys or detailed processes!

Visio Features

Visio is a web-based software that makes it easy for business owners and product managers to create visual diagrams of their products, processes, or anything else. Visio supports online collaboration with others and has a variety of powerful features to let you create the perfect diagram, from how your website gets traffic to how your organization's project management process works.

Visio is an online software that allows its users to create flowcharts and process maps. It also provides content on how to improve team management and design, making it a valuable tool for product managers.

Visio Testimonials

"I am an accountant and I spent hours creating flowcharts on Visio. It has been a wonderful experience! I love the templates and the possibility to create my own symbols. The best thing is that I can now plan my future sales process in just a few minutes!"

"Visio helps me to design process improvement initiatives, and I find it really easy to use. I'm really grateful because with Visio my work is done much more quickly."

"Visio is the perfect tool for any business. I am a professional consultant and I use Visio to map out my client's processes and ideas. Visio is great because it's interactive, easy to create, and easy to share."

"I'm a business analyst and I've been using Visio for years. The software is easy to use and affordable, it's a perfect tool to make sure that every detail is covered."

"Visio has been really helpful in mapping out the process of how my business operates. I find that this process has helped increase efficiency and productivity, and it's an easy to use software that anyone can learn."

"Visio is a great software for anyone who needs to create an efficient flowchart or process map. I've been using it for years and it really helps me get the job done."

"I love Visio because it has been instrumental in helping me create a better workflow for my team. I was never good at flowcharts before and Visio has made it so easy to get started with them."