Summary (TLDR):

Review Summary: Great at making flowcharts, but the main drawback is that there are no file management system, and no sharing features.
Has Flowchart Symbols: Yes
Ease of Use: 4/5
Collaboration: No
Overall Score: 4/5

Introduction flowchart maker is a flowchart solution that enables developers, IT analysts, network administrators, and designers to create and distribute diagrams through basic operations like drag and drop. Professionals can use this software to create conversion layers with custom URLs and align the information in different shapes. logo flowchart maker 

Not to mention, businesses can employ built-in shapes to organize mind maps, flowcharts, or tree diagrams automatically. The program allows teams to generate and export diagrams to PDF files automatically.

Main features Of Flowchart Maker 

Create Diagrams With The Touch Interface

Since it is a desktop app, drawing graphs on any device with a touch screen is very simple. Navigate to, choose a location for the diagram file, and start deploying any diagram.

Real-time Collaboration 

You can now choose to show the mouse pointer when collaborating in real-time with it. For example, sharing the pointer with the team makes it easy to ask or clarify anything in a diagram or on a short whiteboard drawing when working together.

Open-Source Editor In Lark 

Because this diagram software is truly an open-source platform, more and more diagramming applications are integrating this diagram editor or providing a connector to the diagramming tool.

Change Connection Points On Forms

Changing the connection point of the shape is feasible. All users need to do is to drag the connection points around the form, add a new one, and delete the unnecessary ones.

Various Object Styles 

The Enumerate shape feature opens the door to number shapes and connections in your workflow diagrams. When this additional shape property is enabled, a yellow numeric label will be added to each form and connection. Flowchart Maker - Product Review
Various object styles 


  • Has everything you need: Rich image databases for critical use cases and modeling, network diagrams, databases, wireframes, etc.
  • Simple user interface: Even individuals who are not designers and have no knowledge of Photoshop or similar software can use it easily.
  • Teamwork: Working as a team in a virtual space can be challenging because we do not have a whiteboard in front of us. However, by organizing your diagrams and math work, you can perfectly sketch out your ideas with
  • Customizable diagram templates: This diagram software provides a lot of visualized diagram elements, as well as several options to customize each item like font size, font style, text color, border thickness, color border, rotation, the inclination of the item, etc. You can fine-tune everything and make each design or chart distinct to your liking.
  • Simple Alignment: Aligning all your sections is a breeze thanks to its awesome grid system, enabling you to precisely position aligned items next to/below each other.
  • Accessible both offline and online: The compatibility difference between the browser and standalone versions and the latency is rarely visible on the intranet. Flowchart Maker - Product Review
Be creative with


  • Not for those who do not like change and are not used to anything new: Since it's an online diagramming software, many people dislike and oppose its use. However, newly installed versions can help with the migration and increase user convenience.
  • Usage limitations: Although its free version is cost effective, this diagram software still has certain shortcomings when managing text and shapes, including arrows in forms. Still, this should not have much of an impact.
  • It may be difficult to read: Some items make the text on your flow diagrams more difficult to see. When changing the fill color of things, it can be more adaptive to the text color and easier for the user to read.
  • Do not save work: If you forget to save and/or download your draft before turning off your device, there is a high risk of it being lost.
  • Security: permits users to keep their upgrades and paradigm changes where they choose, such as the cloud or local devices, rather than being limited to workstations maintained by one Specialized map owner.
  • It is more suitable for basic designs: It is best suited for use cases where extremely complex diagrams are not required. While the number of diagram tools or customization options is limited, it's still a great flowchart tool for basic tasks.

Pricing flowchart maker is a website that provides free online diagramming tools. It can still be used as a flowchart generator, network diagram software, online UML communication diagram for database schema generation, online BPMN construction,  diagrams generation, and more.

Diagrams created with this software can be used in any way you choose. The flow diagrams you create are copyrighted to you, so you have the right to use any copyright symbols in them and make raster and vector graphics copies of your designs.