Summary (TLDR):

Review Summary: This tool’s UI is clunky and too complex. Although you can still create flowcharts with it.
Has Flowchart Symbols: Yes
Ease of Use: 2/5
Collaboration: No
Overall Score: 2/5


In order to decide whether or not to spend money on Visual Paradigm, it helps to go through this Visual Paradigm online flowchart maker - product review. This article includes crucial information about this diagramming tool: its flowchart-making features, pros, and cons.  

Visual Paradigm Flowchart Maker - Product Review
Visual Paradigm is one of the best online diagram creators.

Main features

Users can choose one of the available samples to edit or make a flowchart from scratch using the following features.

  • Shapes: The professional diagramming platform has over 30 options in its library of shapes on the sidebar, each with a predetermined role such as start, terminator, process, document, decisions, etc. Users can also add more shapes to this collection for convenient uses.
  • Text: By clicking on the “T” icon, users will be able to add and customize texts in their flowchart diagrams. This feature helps with labeling different steps or elements in the flowchart. 
  • Images: To add an image to the diagram, users need to click on the photo symbol on the left of the screen. Visual Paradigm allows importing images from devices, Google Photos, Google Drive, Instagram, Facebook, Dropbox, and several other platforms.
  • Lines: A flowchart’s elements are connected with lines. Users can choose a single-line arrow, a thick arrow, a two-way arrow, or double parallel lines. The platform automatically smooths out the line if users draw lines by hand. 
  • Tables: It is not likely useful in most cases, but a table feature is available. The numbers of rows and columns are determined by dragging the cursor. 
  • Support nearly 40 languages: These include international languages like English and many others such as Spanish, Bulgarian, Italian, Chinese, Korean, etc.
  • Show or hide sidebars: This function comes in handy when users want to view their flowcharts full-screen.
  • Share flowcharts: Teamwork is much easier now that users can add collaborators to the diagram or share it via social networks or an embed link.
  • Export: Visual Paradigm online tool permits exporting flowcharts as images or PDF files.  
  • Other features: There are many other add-ons assisting users, including chat, conference, dark mode, and different view modes.
Visual Paradigm Flowchart Maker - Product Review
Visual Paradigm offers professional features for making flowcharts.


  • Professional diagram tool: Visual Paradigm gears towards complex diagrams, so all of its features are aimed to make flowcharts most efficiently. It generally outweighs a software design tool that has diagram features.
  • Convenience: The ability to edit existing samples based on personal preference instead of building a diagram from scratch helps users save time and effort significantly. 
  • User-friendly interface: Visual Paradigm online platform boasts an extremely simple, straightforward user interface, which is quite easy to get used to for those with a diagram experience. 
  • Stable, solid performance: As one of the best diagram tools, it is reliable, lag-free, and generates great flowcharts. 
  • Versatile tool: Users can rely on Paradigm for study or project development, project management, or business strategy. 
  • Perfect tool for teams: After saving the flow chart on the diagram maker, it is possible to make use of real-time collaboration features to involve teammates or friends for diagramming.
  • Great pricing: The cost of each plan is relatively low compared with other diagramming software on the market.  


  • Learning curve: This web-based flowchart maker, though user-friendly, can still be confusing if users have never worked on diagrams before. In such cases, it is advisable to start with a sample to learn the ropes first. 
  • No available templates to choose from: While there are samples to refer to, they are quite similar. No customizable templates are available to use with little space for creativity.
  • Not very eye-catching flowcharts: As a result of limited design capabilities, flowcharts created with this online tool may seem a little dull, not very beautiful or fun to look at.
  • Issues with shortcuts: Some tools on this platform have shortcuts, but they are hard to find or do not work. It can be irritating, so users may want to skip using shortcuts altogether.
  • Limited access for free users: Similar to other diagram software, Visual Paradigm gives free users limited features and resources. To unlock the diagram tool to its full potential, users have to pay a certain amount monthly or yearly. 
Visual Paradigm Flowchart Maker - Product Review
The platform has over 2000 flowchart examples for users to edit.

Pricing Plans

There are four pricing options for users to choose from with the following pricing details. 

  • Free: Free users have access to basic templates, flowchart symbols, stock images, as well as other fundamental features. 
  • Starter: This plan costs $4 per user per month if paid yearly and $5 per user per month for monthly payment. It offers richer resources. 
  • Advance: At $9 and $11 per month if paying yearly and monthly, respectively, a single user can utilize all symbols and advanced features, such as removing image backgrounds, editing process maps, and collaboration.
  • Combo: With the price tag of $15 per user per month on a yearly basis or $20 per user per month on monthly payment, one is offered every feature and all resources available. Among the four pricing options, this one is the most comprehensive.