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Review Summary: EDrawMax is a capable tool with many diagramming features. As it aims to do too much, it lacks focus on flowchart features.
Has Flowchart Symbols: Yes
Ease of Use: 2/5
Collaboration: Yes
Overall Score: 3/5

Edraw, an all-in-one diagram software, is an online tool for building visual flow charts. It is like a compact yet diverse library that helps product owners create lots of templates without spending much time. The below Edraw max flowchart maker - product review article will give you a more specific look at this useful application.

Key Features Of Edraw Max Flowchart Maker 


It is a versatile dedicated chart-maker to help you brainstorm and build diagrams based on your thinking and creativity. Instead of thinking about how to present idea generation, it gives you diverse reference options. You only need to choose the pre-built Edraw Max diagram templates and focus your time on developing content.


Edraw Max provides a library with many visual diagram templates. You can use them as project management software to turn boring information into colorful and logical content.

The use of many boxes in the shape library and customized color changes is available to stimulate the activity of the eyes and brain. That explains why conveying information in a type of chart makes it easier for people to spring up ideas and remember them longer.

Edraw Max Flowchart Maker - Product Review
Edraw Max has a simple and easy-to-use interface.

Collaboration Features

You can make file sharing with colleagues or partners thanks to the support of inserting links or clipart. Linking your organizational diagrams to a database helps to present more detailed information.

Edraw allows you to add links to web pages, take notes, and even connect them to other Edraw diagrams. Not only that, you can conduct the feature of creating interactive infographics on this customization tool.


Security of information and personal data is a top priority of Edraw. This application employs the highest level of SSL 256-bit encryption to generate private security keys for clients.

This website appoints an EU representative based on regulation number 2016/679 on the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)


Impressive Interface 

A user-friendly online tool with an eye-catching and attractive intuitive interface is what describes Edraw Max. The responsive toolbars are arranged vertically on the left to help product owners customize the features. When entering the main flow sheet, the options arrangement is similar to the Word application. 

Huge Library Of Templates

You can enter input data as a spreadsheet in Excel or Google Docs. The software will give you many choices to present your documents. Converting them into slides and documents or sharing them on your social networks, it leaves you spoiled.

Edraw is a huge library that stores over 280 types of diagrams. It gathers many flowchart templates like a floor plan, dynamic chart, network diagram, organizational chart, database diagram, branded diagrams, etc. Diagram types contain many templates to suit the needs of different fields.

High Visualization

Professional-looking flowcharts can turn information from your text, tables, or complex idea into clear and intuitive charts. This way, a single user can identify bottlenecks or inefficiencies to arrange for streamlining.

Also, it provides intelligent connections to create strong links between the information in the flowchart program or between the flowcharts. The vector icons and floating dialog boxes on the diagramming tool also guide you through the steps in the chart-building process.

Easy To Use

With this diagramming tool, you do not need to be an expert to create appealing and engaging charts. A single user only needs to enter the data; it will rearrange everything and apply automated responses to create the most suitable types of charts. 


This subtle tool can work with other platforms. It is compatible with MS Office; you can export files to Word, Excel, PDF, and many other file formats with a click.

You can use Edraw on many operating systems such as Windows, Mac, and Linux. Pre-designed diagram templates are also available for browsers including Chrome, IE, Firefox, and Safari.     

Edraw Max Flowchart Maker - Product Review
This application provides a wide range of templates.   


Limited Trial Use

Edraw Max offers trial access for seven days. It can be enough time to experience the genre of templates without spending money. However, it is a bit short for many people because other applications allow a single user for up to 14 days.

A trial account can not use all templates. Also, there is no indication that you can use a schematic template until you click on it and read the message.

Device Usage Limits

This software only enables you to repair a file stored on the installed device. It is an inconvenience since if you work on a desktop computer at home, there is no way to adjust your workflow diagram when you don't have them. 

Occasional File Opening Error

Occasionally, you will encounter some errors when opening files in your library. You may have to close the application and wait for the page to reload. Some product owners also complain that they cannot open complex diagrams with .EDDX format despite their best efforts.

Lack Of Innovation

This platform was founded in 2004. Since then, there have been no updates or innovations in the interface or features of the application. The number of customizable templates remains unchanged without further development. 

Edraw Max Flowchart Maker - Product Review
There have been no updates since its launch in 2004. 


In general, the price of this application is reasonable, ranging from 60-350 dollars. There are many pricing plans, including individuals, groups & businesses, and education.

For each competitive package, the provider will categorize whether it comes with premium or advanced features. Besides, you can choose the time option depending on your personal plan. There are 1-5 months, half-year, annual basis use, two-year activation plan, or unlimited plan.

The vendor has a 30-day refund policy after purchasing for product owners with problems that cannot be repaired.