If you’re looking to move from Draw.io, here are top 10 other flowchart makers we recommend. You can read our quick flowchart maker guide and go into our in-depth reviews of each of these tools.

Below are our pick of top 10 other flowchart makers.

10 Alternatives to Draw.io / Diagrams.net

1. Zen Flowchart

This review is biased, but Zen Flowchart is the best alternative flowchart maker, as it was designed from the ground up. Learn more about our flowchart maker here: https://www.zenflowchart.com/

zen flowchart

2. Miro

Miro’s core capability is online whiteboard. While you can create flowcharts with it, it doesn’t have native support for flowchart.

3. Lucidchart

Lucidchart is a good tool to make complex flowcharts, but the UI is very complex and can take a long time for users to learn.

4. Visio

This is the original flowchart maker made my Microsoft. The tool is fairly easy to use, but it is only offline and does not have any collaboration features. It’s also quite expensive.

5. Cacoo

Cacoo has a great suite of productivity apps to help you get things done. Our main complaint is the UX a bit lacking.

6. Draw.io

Drawio is great at making flowcharts, but the main drawback is that there are no file management system, and no sharing features.

7. Gliffy

Gliffy is a flowchart maker that has been around, but unfortunately, the technology has not been updated as of late. Its integration with Jira is seamless though.

8. SmartDraw

SmartDraw’s UI is too outdated and overly complex for a task as simple as building process flowcharts.

9. EDrawMax

EDrawMax is a capable tool with many diagramming features. As it aims to do too much, it lacks focus on flowchart features.

10. Canva

Canva is the ubiquitous tool for simple design, but it does not have native flowcharting features. As a result, we do not recommend this tool for making flowcharts.

11. Visual Paradigm Online

This tool’s UI is clunky and too complex. Although you can still create flowcharts with it.

About Draw.io

As a product manager, you’re always looking for the best way to get your job done. Sometimes that might mean using pen and paper, but other times you need something more professional-looking. That’s where Drawio comes in.Drawio is a unique tool that helps product managers create flowcharts and process maps — quickly. It provides many pre-drawn shapes, tools, and icons to easily make all the connections you need, which saves you from having to manually draw everything yourself.It started as just me trying to find an easy way to draw diagrams for managing software development projects back in 2010. I created Drawio by building on top of some existing free software libraries (such as D3.js) and outgrowing my own needs for diagramming quickly. As it grew more popular with friends and colleagues I realized that it needed

Drawio is a free online software for creating flowcharts and process maps. It is an easy way to create professional diagrams and share them with your team, your clients, or the whole world. Drawio's user-friendly interface lets you drag and drop shapes from our library onto the canvas and format them using our comprehensive set of tools. Drawing charts has never been easier! Drawio was founded in 2013 by a team of 5 guys: A talented programmer, a marketing specialist, an artist, a business development manager, and a project manager. After developing several successful utilities for iOS apps under their previous company name Drawiono they decided to upgrade to the web platform using JavaScript as the new technology stack.There are more than 30000 different shapes that come with Drawio. Most of them are free but you can also purchase premium shapes such as arrows,

Draw.io Features

With Drawio, you can find the best way of doing things by drawing your ideas, plans and processes. It will make all your work more efficient and clearer for everyone.

Product managers have always had to create flowcharts and process maps by hand or with costly and time-consuming software. Now, they can use Drawio. It's a free online software that allows you to easily draw flowcharts and process maps on your computer or tablet.

Product managers can now easily map out their entire product process with the help of Drawio. Our intuitive interface allows you to build your diagram quickly and upload files, sources, and other assets with a single click.

Draw.io Testimonials

"I use Drawio for almost all my projects, it's really useful because of the many features it offers and the simplicity. It helps me to create better flowcharts and process maps that are easy to read."

"What I like about Drawio is that I can create my diagram with ease. I don't have to fuss with a complicated software and it's so much more affordable than what I was paying before. It has increased my productivity by a lot, and the customer service at Drawio is also exceptional."

"I lost my job and couldn't find anything. I had to get creative because I was out of money and needed a job. I had a friend who told me about Drawio and it has been great! They have helped me start my own company that is flourishing."

"Drawio is an amazing tool that I rely on to make my presentations engaging and compelling. It's so easy to use, I can create a flowchart in minutes!"

"Drawio is a great tool. It was easy to learn and works smoothly. I used it to create an organizational chart for my company and found it very helpful."

"I tried Drawio and I found it really easy to use. I wanted to create a flowchart for our sales process and it was straightforward and took me just a few minutes to make one."

"Drawio is a great tool for anyone in need of a flowchart. Whether you're new to the field or just have a few things to map out, it's simple and easy-to-use."