Summary (TLDR):

Review Summary: Great tool for making graphics, but not really catered to quick flowcharting.
Has Flowchart Symbols: Yes
Ease of Use: 3/5
Collaboration: Yes
Overall Score: 3/5


The IT revolution has offered a wide variety of online “do-it-yourself” tools for particular needs, including flowchart creation. Standing out in the pool is Visme.

As a cloud-based platform built by passionate designers and developers, Visme facilitates individuals’ visual content creation, particularly flowcharts. This all-in-one design tool allows users to tailor their own graphic diagrams in real-time regardless of their design backgrounds.

Visme’s Main Features  

Visme is a versatile tool that supports most kinds of visual communication. They cover infographics, data visualizations, presentation slides, process diagrams, etc. The software supplier is also generous to provide their wealth of royalty-free images and 3D graphics. 

Visme Flowchart Maker - Product Review
Visme’s interface

All Visme beautiful designs are customizable templates with high-level interactivity. It is easy to edit fonts, shapes, background color schemes, and insert links and images. Another outstanding feature is audio management. You can upload and store audio files from your computer or record direct voice-overs. 

This one-stop software is accessible on the website or through a desktop application. Users can also download templates and edit them anytime without an internet connection. Your online diagram is convertible to different offline formats, for instance, PDF, JPEG, MP4, or GIF, to name but a few. 

Sharing your flowcharts for other audiences’ access is easy through embedded links. It is possible to save them to other cloud storage platforms such as Google Docs or Dropbox. 

In addition to being an interactive flowchart maker, Visme doubles as a great data assistant with a range of analytic features like Search/Filter, Reporting and Statistics, etc.  


Easy to use

It is crystal clear that Visme’s diverse content types basically meet the users’ various demands in different fields. However, its easy-to-use interface is one of the most appealing characteristics to any application user. A few simple steps and clicks, then you can tailor your professional diagrams to your preference. 

It is effortless to get started with Visme. You are only one step away - an account to sign up for - from a brilliant collection of ready-to-use visual flow diagram templates. The clear and minimal design of the activity dashboard makes it straightforward to spot all main navigation headings. 

Streamlining ideas into eye-catching and meaningful layouts is feasible just by choosing a free template, dragging, and dropping pre-made flowchart blocks. The size customization is automatic to fit the content inserted into design elements. 

Vast library

Visme Flowchart Maker - Product Review
Visme provides a gallery of flowchart templates for various purposes. 

Another big plus is the stock of powerful visuals. The initiative rationale is to deliver the power of visual communication to even individuals with zero design experience. Hence, it is understandable they offer a huge library of more than 55 templates and over one million images plus 3D objects.

Dedicate customer support

This user-friendly software scores one more point by its visual learning center with numerous video tutorials on self-taught design techniques. Furthermore, Visme serves fair customer support and launches regular upgrades to enhance service quality. Such sheer dedication is even valuable to professionals, not to mention non-designers. 

Those pros explain why Visme is an entrusted tool used by millions of users and notable organizations, including IBM or Unilever, to improvise business flowcharts. 


Poor size adjustment

Although an abundance of pre-made templates considerably helps to smooth the flowchart creation process, it is troublesome sometimes. 

One remarkable limitation is size scaling. It seems impossible to resize a single side of an object because of the fixed dimension ratios in pre-set templates. Consequently, you may find it frustrating to adjust the length of a narrow or format a text box to your liking. 

However, only users who improvise built-in designs encounter such difficulty, while they can enjoy free size customization with a blank canvas.

Limited storage

Small storage capacity is another downside to consider. The limited amount of bytes (100MB) in a free version is likely insufficient for ones intending to treasure their media files. It also possibly causes unexpected lags when accessing complex diagrams or delays in response to users’ interaction at times.

Other shortcomings

Other constraints of features existing in Visme’s basic plan include the limited number of templates and widgets, flowchart symbols, only JPEG download format, etc. This economy-driven issue might be a disappointment for low-budget seekers of premium templates.   

Visme’s absence of a mobile app for tablets and smartphones also poses certain hindrances to users’ access in comparison to some other online flowchart makers. 


Visme comes with three fundamental tiers of subscriptions, including Basic, Personal, and Business, which costs $0, $29, and $59/month, respectively. They also design enterprise plans for larger-grade customers at a custom quote. There are sometimes special discount offers for students or non-profit organizations. 

If a free plan can meet your basic needs of creating simple flowcharts, just take a drive. Otherwise, consider upgrading to premium plans for wider access to advanced features, high-quality icons, and more premium services. 

Visme Flowchart Maker - Product Review
Annually paid plans are much more economical options. 

One piece of advice is to register an annual bill to earn a better promotional quotation compared to monthly payments. Visme also offers a gift of five months free for new customers with yearly subscriptions.