Have you ever struggled to note down the information or solve a problem? Or you find drawing a chart on paper is too difficult and illogical. These are popular business mind maps that will help tackle your issues. Depending on your logical thinking and meticulous analysis, you can choose a suitable one.

This article will list the most effective models for different departments in cooperation. Continue reading to explore the power of mind mapping. 

What Is A Business Mind Map?

Mind maps are colorful diagrams specified for visual representations and work tasks. In terms of the business chart, you can use it to optimize the working process and communicate with other departments. Additionally, structuring the ideas helps employees clarify the central concept of the company's operation. 

Charts accumulated a lot of useful tools for the user. It has a wide range of mind map templates for the manager to use, such as issue trees for problem-solving, system maps for organizing company structure, and so on.

Furthermore, we can also insert pictures to illustrate complex ideas better and memorize information easier. In some urgent circumstances, we can also use the highlight function in the chart to stand out the main keywords.

business mind map
Business Mind Map

What Are The Uses Of Business Mind Maps?

In general, a business chart is an effective tool for the staff to share their opinions or ideas about the firm's problems. 

Specifically, the manager can utilize the map system to clearly illustrate the main ideas of the meeting. Besides the memorizing function, those structural maps can also be a helpful tool for the company's long-term strategy.  

For example, assuming that the production department finds it difficult to find a cheaper material price, the manager can use the map to list the possible options for the target. Subsequently, the manager can save the draft and send it through an online platform to the employees.

Top 10 Examples Of Business Mind Map

Brainstorming Mind Map

Creative ideas are one of the most vital factors in each corporation’s success, especially in marketing agencies, where relevant staffs have to brainstorm regularly to develop a new marketing idea. By noting down the idea structurally in each brainstorming session, they can conduct creative thinking and finalize the optimal solution. 

Brainstorming mind maps can also be useful in product launching. Whenever the company falls into a big problem relating to the new production process, the platform will help them clarify the internal issue in their operation.

Problem Solving Mind Map

Assuming encountering a macro problem in your organization, the problem-solving chart could be an ultimate instrument for you. This business model can simplify the basic steps to figure out the solution for your difficulty. There are several simple mind map examples on the internet that you can take for references. However, we highly recommend using the 7 -Step problem-solving chart due to its simple orientation. 

Industry Analysis Mind Map

If expanding market share is the long-term goal of your company, you should consider industrial analysis mind maps. This type consists of out-of-control external factors, and those are political, technological, legal, and so on.

You can try out some templates such as PESTEL, PEST, SWOT, etc. Recently, a very famous strategy has been utilized by many experts called Porter's five forces analysis. If you yearn for a specific strategy, you can try this model.

Marketing Strategy Mind Map

Marketing is one of the most complex processes in the company due to consisting of many steps, from market research to writing content. Moreover, the marketing department contributes to making up the brand identity for the products. Therefore, you should apply mind maps items for outlining the marketing strategy to keep the campaigns relevant to the brand’s objectives. Such famous templates like 4P and Marketing Mix will satisfy your need.

7p marketing mind map
The 7P Marketing Strategy Mind Map 

Time Management Mind Map

If you find trouble getting the task done in real time, you should integrate them into the time management model. You can divide the tasks into working tasks and daily home tasks. Alternatively, you can order them according to the urgency and importance of the tasks.

Some chart platforms even have a time set for each section; you can easily set the deadline for those works.

Risk Management Mind Map

Since we cannot foresee the risks in the future, we need to analyze and predict the potential troubles when implementing your planning projects. With the time management platform, your staff can rule things out and investigate the weaknesses of the firms. 

Your project will operate smoothly once you have prepared for the bad situations. Based on the research stage, the team can develop the solution and draw out the detailed steps to implement the campaign. 

risk management mind map
Risk Management Mind Map

Project Management Mind Map

Project managers have to be in charge of monitoring the tasks and solving the problems. Therefore, they have to cooperate with various departments such as marketing, human resources, finance, and strategy development. 

When multitasking too much, they will need a mind-mapping tool to optimize their working process. A project management platform will help the managers reorder the work task and prioritize which task should be done first. Moreover, the diagram will depict the overall performance of the company’s departments so that you can update the business process immediately to optimize the working experience. 

project management mind map
Project Management Mind Map

Digital Marketing Campaign Mind Map 

Digital marketing is a smaller branch of marketing projects that focuses on promoting social media such as Facebook, Instagram, and Tik-Tok. When monitoring digital marketing campaigns, you need to take several factors into consideration. Those factors are content planning, designing, timeline, resources, and Data Tracking.

Digital marketing requires a lot of statistics, so you should have a mind-mapping tool to save their numbers and measure the effectiveness of your social campaign. 

Decision-Making Mind Map

When you are confused among different options, you should use a chart to list out the possible options, then analyze the strengths and weaknesses of each one. In the last step, you should have an overview of the map and give out the best solution for the problem.  

Suppose you wonder whether that option is the best for the business strategy. There is a decision-making template you can utilize called SWOT analysis. 

Training Process Mind Map

If you are working for the human resources department, you will have to make a training program for the employees. Such a training process is quite complicated to arrange. 

Many sections need training, and those sections are office skills, networking skills, time management skills, etc. A training process model will help you identify the most urgent skill and which part of the section should be taught first.

training program mind map
Training Program Mind Map


How To Create A Mind Map?

Creating a chart is not as difficult as you think. There are several steps that you can utilize to make a logical chart:

Step 1:  Before you do anything, you must decide on your ultimate purpose. You may ask yourself: "Why do I have to do this map?". This step will have you define a clear orientation of what you are doing. 

For example, if you are doing a digital marketing model, you can set a goal like reaching 10,000 people in this campaign. You can use a model called SMART, which will assist you in identifying the central topic.

Step 2: After finishing the central idea, you will have to brainstorm sub-ideas. These ideas will be the first layer of the model, and subsequent factors will be the main issues of the core problem. 

Step 3:  Find the backup evidence to analyze those ideas. Give out the conclusion whether they are useful or not. 

Step 4: Highlight the main keywords and the numbers in that model to memorize the information better.

Pros And Cons Of Mind Map

Benefits of mind mapping:

  • Good knowledge management
  • Optimize time
  • Simplify the problem
  • Logical information ordering

Disadvantages of mind mapping: 

  • Difficult to build perfect business mind maps
  • Need internet to access the website