At Zen Mind Map, we pride ourselves in having the most intuitive mind-mapping tool on the market. And as such, we hope you’ll be able to get started without much help. However, below are some quick pointers to get you started.

Keyboard Shortcuts

1. Insert sibling topic: Press ENTER/Return key
2. Insert subtopic: Press TAB key
3. To move between nodes, use Arrow keys.
4. To edit a node, select the node, then start typing.
5. Click and hold anywhere outside the mind map to move it.
6. Click on the small circles on each branch to Fold/Unfold a branch.

All the 4 keys above should do most of your work already. Here are some more keyboard shortcuts to make your mind mapping experience even more seamless:
DELETE key: Delete a node.
Ctrl/⌘ + Z: Undo
Ctrl/⌘ + Y: Redo
Ctrl/⌘ + B: Bold
Ctrl/⌘ + I: Italics
Plus key: Zoom Out
Minus key: Zoom Out

Browser compatibility: Zen Mind Map is best used on Chrome. We also support Safari and Firefox. We do NOT support any other browser.