The Power Of No, James Altucher & Claudia Altucher - Book Summary

The Power of No gives readers a fresh, more holistic view of health, happiness and fulfillment: Saying no to the negative will give you the strength to get ready for the positive. pole.

The book is a great gift for

  • Those who want to live healthier, happier and richer lives;
  • People who feel they have said “yes” too much;
  • Those who are bored and want to have more useful and interesting experiences.

The author of this book is

James Altucher, an entrepreneur, chess grandmaster, psychological consultant, and author of 12 books, including bestsellers like Choosing Myself and Though I'm Blind But Now I See It All Story.

Claudia Azula Altucher is a writer, yoga teacher and psychotherapist. One of Claudia's most iconic works is 21 Things To Know Before You Start Active Yoga .

Chapter 1. The biggest lesson the book brings: Learn how to refuse to improve the quality of life.

Have you ever had a situation where even though you knew you should refuse a request from someone else, like painting a friend's kitchen or running errands for your boss, you still couldn't do it? Everyone has been in a situation like this, and if you could say no, it would be one of the best feelings you can imagine.

More than just saying "no" to certain situations, the book will show you how to reject everything that can negatively affect you. From then on, loving and taking care of yourself will no longer be a difficult task.

In the next part, readers will learn about

  • How to make life more peaceful;
  • Why a bookstore can change our future;

Chapter 2. To be healthier and happier, stop being exposed to things that hurt you.

The answer to the question: "What is the most important thing in life?" lies in the daily decisions of people. When faced with many choices, it is easy to overlook our own interests. However, if you want to enjoy it to the fullest, you should live for yourself.

This means giving up unhealthy habits like unhealthy eating or smoking. That way, people will reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease and lung cancer as low as possible.

In addition, another way to live for yourself is to stay away from people who will try to take advantage of or harm you. This will help us focus our energy and time on the people that matter. But how do you know who is really important to you? The method below will help you answer that question.

First, make a list of the people you interact with at least five times per week, then rate the happiness and satisfaction they bring you on a 10-point scale (10 being the highest). Then, start by spending more time with people who rank above 8 and even stay away from people who rank below 5.

Keeping your distance from this group of people can be difficult at first. As with any personality change, to begin to learn how to reject others, you need to eliminate negative behaviors. This can be demonstrated by one of the two authors, Claudia. She was once determined to pursue men who were not meant for her. The climax is when it takes her almost two years to pursue a guy and convince herself that it is true love even though Claudia has only met him four times!

Finally, after realizing that she had just wasted her time on an impossible love, she began to try to get rid of the image of the man in her mind. Claudia then seeks help from an organization to prepare herself for a relationship built with love, sincerity, and mutual respect. Up to now, she has had five happy years with her partner.

Chapter 3. Instead of trying to meet other people's expectations, use that energy to pursue your own dreams.

At work, have you ever wondered: “Am I really the right fit for this job? Or am I just trying to please my boss by laughing at his silly jokes?” Perhaps you feel the same way about some relationships.

It's time to firmly say "no" to what you don't want to do. If you continue to reluctantly do them and deliberately ignore your own wishes, you will start to "hate" to infect the people and things associated with them.

Affirmative refusal not only eliminates the discomfort of having to do things you don't enjoy, it also helps people around you not feel guilty for forcing you to do things you don't like. To better understand, think about times when someone was reluctant to help you paint the walls or look after the kids, do you feel happy and grateful or just feel guilty and heavy?

You are under no obligation to meet anyone's expectations, choose the path of your life, do what suits your wants and needs. Don't be reluctant to go to college if you don't want to, feel free to follow your passion.

One way to find the path that's right for you is to go to a bookstore and pick up a book you're interested in. If you like books on coffee table design, perhaps industrial art or interior design will be the ideal choice for you.

When you listen to your true desires, in addition to your mental strength, you will also attract people around you. Have you ever felt a strong attraction from people who are talking about their intense passion? And when you have a crush on someone, they will trust and support your words and actions.

Chapter 4. Stop caring about the annoying things and the unattainable, your life will be much richer and more peaceful.

In this day and age, people have bottomless greed for everything from food, money to daily gossip. In human history, that desire has been made stronger by the scarcity of resources. Although almost everything is available today, we are still ambitious.

Stop caring about what we do not have means that we turn our attention to the colorful life around. You can do it by counting the good things in your life, even something as mundane as those beautiful cars that pop up in traffic. Most importantly, we must be aware of the "wealth" of the world around us.

Why should we do that? Because focusing on what is present every day makes life more fulfilling, just as instead of thinking “there is only half a cup of water left”, think “there is a full half cup of water, and I will not afraid to die of thirst."

Besides, for peace of mind, use silence to replace annoying things. Negative thoughts or some bad news will make us feel fear or regret. So all you have to do is say “no” to them. For example, change the TV channel when the news reports about a plane crash because it will make you worry about your upcoming flight.

Besides a peaceful mind, calmness will also help us open our hearts to listen to the world around us. You can do that by taking care of everyone, from the cashier in the supermarket to the waiter at the restaurant. Make them feel your silent attention. The radiant image of a lonely person receiving attention will be a memory you will never forget!

“God gives us the serenity to accept the rules of life, the courage to change what we can, and the wisdom to feel different.”

Chapter 5. Learning to say “no” will give you the motivation to say “yes” boldly.

In the previous section, we saw that a simple rejection can be life-changing. Its power stems from three factors: awareness (the ability to accept the abundance available), empathy (the ability to open one's heart to listen to others), and health (the ability to stay away from others). what has a negative effect). To be able to accomplish all three of these elements, show gratitude for what happens every day.

Start by listing all the issues that annoy you like a bad partner, noisy neighbors' parties, or work stagnation. Then, make another list of all the positives in life, from the chance to get some fresh air to having a home to live in. Finally, start your day by thinking about 10 good things and good luck that come your way. From there, you will gradually forget the negative things.

To get the most out of the power of rejection, you need to use all four of your “parts”: physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual. To do that, try the “alien technique”. Imagine you are a character in outer space, and you need to become human to be able to fulfill your mission to protect life.

On the first morning, you need to be aware of the basic needs of a human body: some physical and mental exercise, a smoothie or some problem solving method. important. With that knowledge, your tasks will become specific and clear like running, reading, drinking smoothies or solving problems.

When you make the most of the power of rejection, you'll be more willing to love, care, and be proud of yourself.


Every day, we all make decisions that negatively affect us. Therefore, learning how to refuse what harms you is the most important and effective way to enjoy a healthier, richer, and happier life.