You Can Heal Your Life (Louis Hay) - Book Summary

You will only begin to change your life when you learn to love yourself properly.

Summary: You Can Heal Your Life will be a guide to help you discover and awaken the true potential hidden within yourself. That power not only affects your own thoughts and life, but also directly affects everyone around you.

Who should read this book?

  • People are mistakenly in a deadlock, crisis.
  • People who are haunted by the bad past.
  • Those who want to be recharged with resilience.

About the author

Louise Hay  is a speaker, lecturer in Metaphysics, and founder of Hay House publishing house. Not only that, she is also an inspirational figure, one of the most influential speakers of the 21st century. The books written under her pen are extremely valuable and famous, I Can Do It, You Can Heal Your Life.

The value you get when you choose this book

The world is infinitely vast and each of us is like a tiny grain of sand in the vast universe. But life is never full, complete, life is different light and dark, different distorted shapes, how can you avoid the risks and uncertainties that life brings? and every human being, who is inherently small and fragile, is more and more vulnerable. The sufferings of the past, the painful torments of the present and the obsessions of the future… seem to be too much for each of us, but we have to face them all. Whatever you experience today, whether it's good or bad, simple or complicated, success or failure, whether it makes you laugh or cry, it's the result of the past, and the past is past and not can be changed anymore.

What you have to do is let go of the pain, forgive yourself, embrace change, stand on your own two feet, feel things better, put faith and love in yourself. like everyone around us... Life is an endless road, an endless flow without a stop, today becomes the past when tomorrow comes, so let tomorrow always be beautiful .

"Let's keep things simple, be more active in each issue, surely somewhere will get there, peace will reign in our souls."


If you want to get to know your parents better, ask them to talk about their own childhoods; and if you listen seriously with compassion, you will understand where their fears and rigid stereotypes come from.

They often tell me they can't love themselves because they're too fat. I explain that they are fat because they don't love themselves. When we begin to love and be satisfied with ourselves, an amazing thing happens that the excess weight completely disappears from our body.

Be content with what you have, and you will find us more and more wonderful. I love to bless with love everything in my life right now – the house, the fireplace, the water, the light bulb, the phone, the equipment, the water pump, the tools, the clothes, the vehicle commuting, work – the money I have, my friends, my ability to see, feel, taste, touch, walk and enjoy this incredible planet.

Author – Louise Hay

Hay has spent a lot of time working with many people about AIDS through the Hayride advocacy group. In 1988, she wrote the book AIDS:  Creating a Positive Path . Her first book was  Healing the Pain  and later works including gratitude:  A Way of Life and the Millennium 2000  with numerous collaborators and Empowering Women: A Guide To A Successful Life For Every Woman , with many video and audio tapes.

Now that she owns a small farm and an organic garden, Hay still chooses to travel, her column " Dear Louise " is still being published in more than 30 magazines in the US and other countries. other country.

" Heal the pain "

With a motif almost meant for children, on the cover there is a rainbow-colored heart  Healing Pain . Sending readers a message of love and support without judgment. Because of this, the book is loved everywhere. In ten years, it has sold three million copies in 30 countries, and Hay is now a queen of self-help, New Age and holistic healing advocacy. She attributes the book's success simply to its ability to "help people change without imposing guilt on them" and that the book shows the composure of someone who has experienced it. through the worst and still survive. The title only really makes sense when we get to the final chapter, a record of Hay's personal story telling truthfully.

Hay's story

Since childhood, Hay's mother tried to raise her. But she was raped by a neighbor when she was five, she continued to be sexually abused until the age of fifteen, when she left home and dropped out of school to work as a waitress at a cheap diner. . She gave birth to a baby girl a year later, but the child was adopted and she was never seen again. Hay had left Chicago for a few years as a maid before she relied on her own ability to become a fashion model in New York, and then she met an English gentleman and married him. He is a man with an elegant and steadfast lifestyle. It wasn't until 14 years later that he met another man and divorced her. During a casual visit to the Church of Religious Science conference, Hay's life was truly changed.After finishing her studies at Maharishi International University in Iowa, she was recognized by the church as an expert of the Church of Science in Religion and subsequently became a renowned speaker.

After becoming president and developing his own consulting service, Hay wrote a book called  Healing Pain , which detailed the abstract causes of physical illness. At the same time, Hay was told she had cancer, but the disease was promptly treated with a combination of a constantly changing and tailored diet and spiritual therapies. After spending most of her life on the East Coast, she returned to Los Angeles and was reunited with her mother before her death. Now in her 70s, Hay is one of the world's most famous authors and motivational speakers, often touring with the likes of Deepak Chopra, Wayne Dyer, and James Redfield.

About the book

You Can Heal Your Life (roughly translated as " Heal the pain ") is the message of someone who had a very dark, melancholy, painful childhood and it is this aspect that makes it attractive and attractive. Great guide to the book, especially with women in a similar situation. The essence of Hay's teachings is self-love, which must be done to erase our sins – a process she believes will make us mentally free and physically healthy, as has been demonstrated in psycho-immunological studies.

All the familiar self-help messages are on point, including breaking the bonds of limiting thoughts, replacing fear with trust, forgiveness, and understanding that thoughts actually create experience.

“Remember, you've been criticized for yourself over the years and it doesn't have any effect. Try accepting yourself and seeing what's going on."

Some of the main ideas the book gives readers:

  • Illness is a product of a state of mind. She believes that unforgiveness is the root cause of all ills.
  • Healing requires us to release our thought patterns that lead to our current situation. “ Trouble ” is rarely the real problem. Short-sighted things like when we hate ourselves and are masked by the belief that we're " not good enough ". Genuinely loving yourself (but not in an overly narcissistic way) is essential to all self-healing. Chapter 15 lays out all diseases and the mental “ restraint ” from them. Skeptics may find this category particularly accurate if they open their minds a little more.
  • Affirmation is about remembering ourselves well and knowing how to take advantage of its power. So trust the power of affirmations to say what you want. We must always live clearly and realistically; for example, “ I am completely healthy ” or “ Great job opportunities are coming my way ”. The book contains many affirmations for you to choose from.
  • " Whatever we focus on is going to get better, so don't focus on a few bills ." You will only create more and more of them. Being content with what you have makes everything richer. Be conscious of the infinite supply from the universe – and obey the laws of nature! Your income is just an arm of prosperity, not its source.
  • Your security doesn't come from your job, or your bank account or investments, or your spouse or your parents. Security is your ability to connect yourself with the abundant energy to create things .” If you are able to quiet your mind and evoke a sense of peace by realizing you are not alone, you will never truly feel insecure again.
  • One of the first things Hay says to people who come to see her is “ Stop criticizing yourself !” We may have spent our entire lives doing this, but the beginnings of truly loving yourself – and one of the key elements of your life’s healing – happens when we Decide to give yourself a break.


Healing pain ” is not for everyone. It is quite close to New Age and fits the pattern of “integrity journey” writing – the pattern common today, even though it was Hay who pioneered it. For those who have read a large number of self-help books, this book will feel a bit oversimplified and contains nothing new; but in terms of thinking, it is certainly not a book that holds too much promise for readers. On the other hand, the book does not yet contain a certain directness and enthusiasm that helps it stay in the minds of readers and it makes sense intuitively.

True to the spirit of self-help, the book not only presents the content of fixing all problems by yourself, but also taking all authority from them. This view, which seems young and simple at first, is in fact absolutely logical: only stopping at problems, gradually they will become obstacles that we cannot control. Which pass; consider using all of your abilities to make them build your confidence and motivation. Millions of people have had similar miserable lives as Hay, but not everyone has the will to leave all their troubles behind or even their understanding; Poverty creates the illusion “ this is all possible ”". Hay's assertion to herself is that pain and obstacles will not clear which way leads her out of complex psychological black holes. Her book is truly a testament to a successful escape from hardship.