Understanding the Heart, Master Minh Niem - Book Summary

Understanding the Heart is a book that helps readers understand the levels of good and bad emotions that take place in everyday life. Just as exercise gives us physical endurance, understanding our emotions gives us mental endurance. The deeper we understand them, the more stable and calm our hearts are in the face of life's sufferings, difficulties or injustices.

It can be said that this book is like a "sedative" medicine for me whenever I encounter negative emotions such as deadlock, anger or uncertainty. I realized that, only when the mind regains peace and balance, the solution to all existing problems can fight become clear.

This book is a cross between the fields of meditation and the art of living. The author (Mr. Minh Niem) does not use professional terms about Buddhism, but applies a close and simple writing style so that humanistic messages are conveyed in the most clear and understand way for everyone. If you are new to the field of spirituality - meditation, then this is a very suitable book for you to start.

Here are the valuable perspectives I have drawn from this book.


Suffering or not is caused by our own mind, not by external circumstances. When we know how to reduce unnecessary desires, limit enjoyment, reduce greed, the more we know enough, know how to be satisfied and appreciate what we have, the less suffering.

Besides, to reduce suffering, we should also adjust our mind when facing suffering, seeing them in a positive light. Only with suffering can you understand the value of happiness and be able to empathize with the suffering of others. With suffering, you can only build enough inner strength to walk between ups and downs leisurely, freely & without fear.

No matter how talented you are, unsatisfactory things will still happen as natural, we cannot expect life to be always smooth. Instead, pray for yourself to be strong enough to weather the storm. Stop blaming, don't fight and always look on the positive side. At this point, you will no longer feel the pain.


Despair is the ego's temporary resistance response, which occurs when we are not brave enough to accept reality.

The way to heal despair is to accept it, not try to cover it up or deny it. Remember that no matter how desperate you are, they will change like any other psychological phenomenon and not last forever.

Let go of all the struggles and calculations out there & give yourself time to try and relax, a quiet space, immersed in nature. When people are deeply in touch with the beautiful things that exist with an open, carefree & carefree attitude, the resulting wounds will be healed. When you calm down, you will understand that it is only through defilements that there is enlightenment and a steady mind.


Fear and anxiety stem from your lack of confidence in your own knowledge and experience, lack of courage to accept all situations that arise without fear of losing your value or being hurt.

A certain degree of anxiety, although it can motivate us to work harder, can also make our mind always occupied by chaotic sounds, thus making us tired, numb and tired. no longer lucid. The secret to living without worries is to forge an attitude of living according to fate.

Depending on the conditions is not an attitude of surrender, but a way of life that is always striving, trying to achieve the goal with a calm mind. It is a way of living and working to the whole but willing to accept the worst, a way to live fully & deeply for today without worrying about the past or the future. It is the attitude of living that is focused on the process, in the present, no matter the outcome, that can help us have enough insight to stay on the right track.

When you can't control your anxiety, try these 2 ways:

Method 1:  Write your worries on paper and think of solutions. Then, put all your energy into applying those solutions. When you're done, don't think about the results, take them out of your mind. Focus on what you need to do next.

Method 2:  Put aside thinking about the problem you are facing by finding energy from nature, relax, rest, focus on your breath, on what is in front of you at the moment. present for a few hours or days. You will find that your mind is calmer and clearer than when it was occupied by anxious thoughts.


Choosing the wrong path is not certainly as dangerous as hesitation. If you continue to hesitate, you will erode future opportunities. Do not worry too much about the path you have chosen, because what we learn and develop in the process of walking on that path is important.

That said, it is not to encourage you to believe in luck & trust in fate. Only "risk" when you have built a foundation of knowledge & experience, when you have created for yourself the most complete conditions possible to achieve the desired goal.


There are two main reasons why people get angry easily. first, it is due to the pampering of our parents, which makes us feel that we are always the center, everything has to be according to our will. Second, it is due to the mind that anger is a strength, an instinct to protect others so that others do not dare to touch their rights.

If it's the first reason, then you need someone to help you change the perception that all human beings are equal. You are normal like everyone else, your opinion is the same as everyone else's, regardless of your role or position in society. I am the center of myself, but with action - I am only a small factor. We humans always have to rely on and help each other to survive, if we don't want to live alone, we need to learn to respect differences & respect others.

If it is the second reason, then we must understand that the above perception is wrong. The more we respond, the more anger grows and burns away the energy in us, causing all words and actions to spiral out of control. Will doing so solve the root of the problem or make the situation worse?

When you are angry with someone, do not say any more words, do not distinguish between right and wrong, but find a quiet place to sit alone for 15-20 minutes. Focus on your breathing to calm your anger, and then find a way to express your displeasure with understanding and goodwill. Do not try to keep anger in your heart, the more you don't express it, the longer your anger towards the other person and negative emotions smolder inside you.

If you can be generous when someone hurts you, understand that they have to go through negative things or pressure in the past to act like that, then your own mind will be at peace first, yourself. did not choose to let those negative words or actions disturb his humanity.


Doubt is a very normal human emotion, it happens when you notice an event that goes against your predetermined source of information/knowledge/experience. However, positive or negative doubt depends on each person's perception.

There are people, doubt helps them develop, because "great doubt is great", the more questions this person has, the more this person wants to learn to find answers. In some people, doubt is a way to protect the ego from being hurt, is a lazy mind to learn. They are not open to believe in others, to learn & find out more new things, but default to confirm the doubt based on that old prejudice to be true. They are always in the mood to look for evidence to strengthen their suspicions, thereby making both themselves and the other party tired.

Doubt leads to judgment. When you find yourself having negative judgments about someone, always ask your heart "are you sure", "is that what you see but it's not" to give yourself the opportunity to observe and learn. More people, chances are you only see 1 side of them.

Even if your thinking is right, don't assume that the other person is forever. People can transform, always give them a chance by seeing them as they are. Don't use your prejudices to show disrespect for people, and don't spread your personal opinions about them everywhere to ask for the consensus of the majority, to protect your narrow ego. mine.

Again, this universe is always fair. You send bad frequency about someone to someone else, sooner or later we will have to receive it back, both principal and interest. So, unless you really want to help others by sharing & giving suggestions directly to them, never let your judgment hurt others, and also destroy your own life.


Failure is normal and of course needs to happen so that we can learn our own lessons. It is an opportunity for you to reflect on yourself, let your aggressiveness, complacency, and subjectivity fall, let your survival ability be trained, and let your weak ego become stronger.

When you fail, you will realize that the main factor leading to failure is your pursuit, your desire is too great, beyond the experience and skill you have. When you are not strong enough, don't expect success, accept failure as a way to practice endurance and transform your xinxing. People want to have a great career, must know how to mobilize all positive energy to cope with adversity, to maintain enthusiasm on the thorny road.

When you fail, don't be in a hurry, don't be impatient to start over to prove your worth, but wait patiently until your mind calms down enough and the wound heals. Only then will you be alert enough to acknowledge your mistakes, to be wise enough to set out a new goal that is more suitable for you. Finally, always remember that failure is just a part of life, it doesn't affect your inner worth. The real failure is when you can't keep believing in yourself anymore.


Living without rising, without ambition to develop yourself is a worn-out life. We can only achieve our dreams when we strive, work hard & always keep the enthusiasm to move forward. However, like "doubt", ambition is positive or negative depending on the perception of each person.

Because ambition is often accompanied by pressures, fatigue, afflictions, and more dangerously, losing personality, living selfishly and greedily. You need to forge your inner strength when facing ambition so that it doesn't make you inferior, by applying the following 5 things:

First:  Stay humble, open to learning, constantly sharpening your talents, always knowledge from books and experiences of your predecessors.

Second:  Observe carefully the evolution of “green mind” throughout the process & control it. Ask yourself if your achievements are geared towards serving the interests of others, making society better, or just focusing on personal or family interests.

Third:  Create a balance between daily life and ambition at work.

4:  Realize that this ambition is not the only reason you see your worth. If you can't achieve it, don't shake your faith in yourself.

Fifth:  When ambition becomes satisfactory, you must understand that the success you achieve today, in addition to your own efforts, you also have to rely on countless external conditions to help. You can't do anything alone, so don't be arrogant.


When you feel lonely, it's because your ego is too big, and you still look at others with discriminatory eyes.

Today's life makes us always in a defensive and closed state, not wanting to be real, not wanting others to see our mistakes or weaknesses to be underestimated. Or the higher we get to the top of fame, the more we separate from people & don't give them a chance to approach us, we see ourselves as extraordinary and others as mediocre. Who wants to share and chat with those who always create that wall of separation, who are still too cherished and want to protect their ego. A person entangled in feelings of inferiority or self-esteem makes them isolated from the surrounding community.

To stop being lonely, simply open your heart, open your heart to everyone without discrimination. Take the initiative to share, help & create a comfortable feeling close to everyone, don't be afraid to get hurt. A kind, generous, open heart & respect for others will never feel lonely, even if they live alone.


We are all weak at times, that's when we lose our awareness and let our emotions guide us. If we let that weakness become a long-term habit, ignore it and do not transform it, then we will encounter countless difficulties before the ups and downs in life.

A weak person is someone who is too indulgent in his own feelings, knows what to do but can't do it, knows what not to do but still does it. If even you yourself cannot overcome & master, then how can you cope with the difficulties of life. Those who lack inner strength are the ones who suffer the most.

In addition, people who still rely on other people's recognition to see their lives as valuable or vulnerable people who are shaken by outside words are also weak individuals who have not yet found strength. intrinsic. On the contrary, the person who dares to be real, dares to share his views without leaving a good impression on anyone. All, dare to accept their own shortcomings to improve themselves every day, dare to lower their egos to listen & learn humbly - are really strong and stable people inwardly.


It is said that there is love to be jealous. But in fact, if we still have to be jealous when we love, then that love is not deep, because the foundation of true love is trust and understanding.

Jealousy, in fact, is because we love ourselves more than the other person, is because we are afraid of ourselves being hurt, losing a fulcrum. If we really loved someone, we would never have made the other half miserable because of our temporary feelings. Think again, when jealous, do you do it for your own sake or for the sake of that person, because you sincerely want that person to be happy? So, don't use the name of love to rationalize your selfish jealousy.

In love, sometimes you can't get everything back, the more you hold back, the less you get because the nature of love is always voluntary. The more you let go, the more you let each other free, and give each other space to breathe, the more the other person wants to stay and cherish you. The more confinement, the more tired they are, wanting to escape to find peace in another object.


You are unhappy, it is because you are greedy & want to enjoy too many things. When you have something that you think would make you happy, like a house or a car, you quickly get bored and aim for something bigger. The more you seek happiness from material comforts, the further away you are from true happiness.

Just like suffering, happiness comes from the human mind. When you know enough & don't look for anything from outside, accept what is given by the universe with contentment and gratitude, that's when you will have peace & happiness.

Happiness is only felt most clearly by people who have experienced suffering. Like when you are hungry, you will be happy when you have full meals. Just like when you have to part, you will feel the happiness of being reunited...

Letting go

Letting go is not clinging, not needing. People, the more they let go, the more they know how to limit themselves before all enjoyment (even if that enjoyment is worth it), the more relieved & peaceful they feel. The more you accumulate, the more worries and afflictions.

Besides material things, letting go of mental comforts is also important to keep peace of mind. Letting go of the spirit is when we don't let other people's criticisms, bad words, and slander make us miserable, is when we get rid of our stubbornness & petty ego to tolerate others.

Remember, this universe is always fair. When someone insults or hurts you, they owe you a bad feeling. If we accept losses, let go, don't care, then we have given them this debt. One way or another, the universe will send us another good feeling. Besides, forgiveness also helps us to prevent negative energies from invading us. Forgiving others, in fact, we gain more than we lose.


When the heart is still wishing, it is still restless. Only when our mind is in a state of balance with ourselves, satisfied with what we have, neither needing more nor less - that's when we can maintain the most genuine and lasting sense of peace.

Peace of mind, not an attitude of surrender. Peace is despite always striving to have food to wear to achieve one's life goals, but not to let work overwhelm a precious life, not to let the pressures and jealousy of a permanent life affect the mind. It is knowing how to take advantage of the conditions that are converging in the present to work towards the goal, accepting what the universe gives with a calm, non-demanding attitude. In other words, be satisfied with what you have.

Peace in the absence of adversity is not good, only when we have the courage to face all successes and failures, gain and lose, praise and blame, but still be at ease, is when we know how to smile in the midst of storms & If you are calm in the face of the unsatisfactory, then that is true peace and true childhood.

Remember that how our mind is, so we will perceive the world around us. Everything in the world operates according to the principle of cause and effect and dependent origination. It's only because our minds are greedy, longing, and resisting that we can't feel peace.

What we get when we keep our mind at peace is to have a deeper look at everything, to see clearly what is false, what is real, what is frivolous, what is the core value. Keeping peace of mind, you will also know how to face challenges, with difficulties with a no-hurry, no-fuss attitude. The more you keep peace in your soul, the more leisurely and free your life will be.


Today's busy life makes us lose the ability to look deeply into a person's nature to see the good things about them, but only focus on the shortcomings to evaluate and judge. No one in the world can be happy when doing wrong, they are mistaken only because they have not been properly instructed, have not been enlightened.

With children and adults, they fall because of the wrong teaching of their parents. Maybe they lack understanding, love, or are too pampered, not taught right. Today, most parents only want their children to be successful, schools expect achievements, few still appreciate the value of morality. Even adults have not yet instilled that value – who can help children have faith in life, have love for everyone. Please understand and forgive them.

For adults, most of them fall because of the wrong upbring of the family that is deeply rooted in the subconscious, or because their life cycle is too busy, too confusing, leaving them no time to look. get back to yourself and your conscience.

They do not have time to transform negative energy such as fatigue, anxiety or pressure, making everything pressurized and piled up day after day. If surrounded by such low & negative energy frequencies, it is very difficult for people to control their own thoughts and actions.

When you punish them, you think that doing so will bring them to their senses, but in reality, you are still controlled by your hurt feelings and want to respond. If you really love them, use your emotions to empathize even though you may be at a disadvantage yourself.

Only love can change people, not punishment. We ourselves are not perfect, sometimes we hurt others, there are mistakes, so don't expect others to be perfect with you.

Always give others a chance to be transformed. Giving others a chance is also giving us a way out in the future, because we are not yet complete. If you want to receive help or share when you are in a difficult situation, take the initiative to give it first.

love language

Words are what can save people, can also push people into the abyss. It is a very powerful transmitter of energy. I want to repeat, this universe works according to the law of cause effect, if you want to receive positive energy, you need to actively give good words.

If you are someone who can't control your words when angry, practice silence for a week to correct your feelings of craving for impulsive speech. If there's something that needs to be released, write it down. This is a time that can help you understand and see yourself more deeply. Reduce your work as much as possible to have more opportunities to observe and reflect on yourself.

When you start again, speak slowly so that you can hear each word clearly, closely echoing each line of your feelings when conveying to the listener. Ask yourself if that statement is true or not & is it necessary or useful for the other party or not, absolutely do not say it arbitrarily. Practice speaking slowly for a while, you will find your voice is fuller, more confident and confident, even when communicating with powerful people.


Today's life has many demands and pressures that make us too busy, not wanting to take the time to refresh and nourish the soul. We stay in the flow of work without realizing whether we have accidentally hurt anyone or not, whether we have acted correctly with others or not.

It should be remembered that, in both work and love, people are always the most priority factor. Succeeding and lasting happiness always need the convergence of 3 factors: natural time, geographical advantage and human harmony. In which, when we achieve the 3rd factor, that is, live with a pure mind, let go of the arrogant mind, that is jealousy, dispute, wholeheartedly support everyone, in short, live with merit and virtue. We can only connect with the remaining 2 elements.

Therefore, renewal is always an important aspect to keep the mind stable and promptly acknowledge mistakes and solve problems. Always give yourself a space to rest, maybe 1 to 2 days a week or a few hours at the end of the day to review your thoughts, moods & actions in order to promptly correct and improve yourself. cultivate humanity.


The most necessary success that people need to achieve is to discover and master themselves. Money success can satisfy your material needs, but if you forget to cherish human values ​​and life purpose, you will only feel more lonely and empty.

Therefore, you need to learn to balance both aspects, not focusing too much on the things that only create wealth, but spend all your time doing the things that give your life meaning and transform the toxic energies. There is also harm in me such as selfishness, greed, jealousy, etc., and at the same time evokes positive, good-directed energy inside of me.

Don't lose your present gift for the sake of future success. Because there are things that once lost, we will never get back no matter how much money we have. So, let's take slow steps, strive to rise, but keep & cherish the present. Just keep going in the right direction with an diligent attitude, and you will get to the finish line you want.

Know enough

This life is short and unpredictable, don't let it drift with external matter. If tomorrow fades away, you have not had time to enjoy the fun and comfortable times, it's a pity. Imagine your retirement age, you want to have a lot of money but are lost, without a sincere friend, or a life that, although not rich, is always cared for by family, because True friends have supported by family, because True friends have each other in life, a life that gives meaning to many others.

When you only have work all day, what time do you still have to take care of your health, to learn and develop, to cultivate and renew your inner self, to talk and share with others, to understand children. The baggage that helps a child firmly believe in life is not a tall account number or a large house, what they need from their parents is the care, understanding, guidance and sharing with them everything in life. life.

Remember, childhood is the most important time to form a child's character and outlook on life. So, live well enough, live a balanced life so as not to lose important values ​​that money can't get back.


Although everyone knows that honesty is a good virtue, once we get caught up in the endless negotiation of life, we see more and more that honesty is an honest attitude to success, a naive attitude to live. taken advantage of by people. Then, we come together with performances, with masks. As long as we win or leave a good impression on the other side, we are not afraid to mold things that are not true to our truth or thoughts.

But keep in mind that, while this kind of crafty lifestyle can help you get things done, it will slowly drain your energy. When you are tired and can't be fake anymore, people's trust in you is also gone, because they don't know what you really are.

If you lose your rights, there are thousands of ways to restore them, but if you lose your trust, it's hard to find any other way. In this life, people always have to rely on each other to live, you cannot survive and develop alone without support from others. If you are not sincere, not kind, who would want to believe to help you in difficult times? So, don't lose your sincerity for material gain. When we say or do things that are not right with our conscience, we will never live, favorably and happily.

To be honest with others, first learn to be honest with yourself. Humans are not perfect, no one is perfect. Instead of denying, denying your bad qualities, accept, understand and patiently observe them regularly with a gentle attitude.

At that time, we will be aware of the underlying causes that promote and create the existing toxic mentality and thus transform them. Don't use your will to mold your mind into a good model, suppress, force them to be right from the beginning without you even understanding why.


Everyone makes mistakes in this life, it's because we don't have the right awareness and understanding, not your human nature. So, don't feel guilty and think that you're an evil person who deserves to be hated when you make a mistake. However, you need to be wholehearted to transform those improper things, because if you let it manipulate you, you will never find your true self. The most effective way of conversion is repentance.

There are many ways to repent. First, you can share with someone you trust, you can confide in the gods, you can write a letter to yourself to clearly identify the mistake. Then find a solution, do everything you can so that you absolutely do not repeat that mistake again.

Dare to change oneself to move towards the right thing, although difficult, brings much more effective and meaningful than saying the words of repentance and repentance. Real repentance is the best way for us to improve ourselves every day.


The results you achieved today, are you confident that you alone can do it, or do you need it thanks to the influence of heaven, earth, human harmony? The humble attitude is only possible when we are aware of the fact that what we have today, in addition to our own efforts, is also thanks to the contributions of many people and the support capacity. this universe.

The more luck & favor you receive, it means that the universe has sent you a mission to bring meaning and benefits to life. Respond with humility and always aim to help others. If you are proud of your achievements and despise everyone, sooner or later the universe will take everything back.

The essence of the desire to show off comes from weakness, always fear of being superior to others. A person with real talent is like a flower with a fragrance, automatically being known by many people without trying to prove or assert themselves. They do not need to use words or gestures to exhort, but still believe and submit. The more humble a person, the more good-natured he is, the more long-term favor he will receive in this universe.


Humans, no matter how talented, cannot live separately & isolated from the support from external conditions, we have always to rely on each other to survive. Especially in the first time being surprised or in great adversity, the help of those around is always needed. So, don't be shy or self-conscious when asking for help from others, be confident that one day you will be able to respond to them.

However, you should also not see that help as an excuse to irresponsibly steer the boat of your life, do not cling to help for too long, or else you will form a dependent and lazy mind. Remember, relying on yourself is the safest. We only need others when we have tried our best but cannot overcome it.

The era of civilization makes people more and more revere individualism, not touching anyone nor wanting anyone to touch them. Living only knowing themselves, living indifferently, not bothering to care about others. Therefore, the more people develop, the more people fall into depression.

Let's choose the path to go together, share the difficulties together. Don't because of your narrow ego, always use doubt and fear to deal with people. True happiness can only be found when we know how to share, trust and love, my friend.


Support not only helps people regain confidence in themselves after failure, but also has more confidence in people. So, when you are safe and steady yourself, look around to see if anyone is in need of your helping hand. When we help others, we also support ourselves. Because people cannot live alone, but always need to rely on and help each other. A warm fire of love is always needed for the lost heart after the storm.

Don't take support as a big deal, sometimes it's just an act of listening attentively, a word of encouragement, an unconditional trust, an empathetic attitude without accusations or reproaches. contribute to the healing of wounds in others greatly.

For support to be effective, you need to "play" the person's role in order to understand and empathize. You can only do so, when you have experienced difficulties like them. Therefore, be grateful for the failures, difficulties and sufferings that you have experienced, because it not only helps you to be more stable, but also helps you to be a light source for those who are lost.


The trust we give today can lift a person out of a deadlock. You may suffer a loss when you trust people, but remember that everything that happens to each of us is according to the principle of cause and effect of the universe, what you lose will also be returned, in one way or another. If you believe in people, you also believe in the good things in life. So when you are wise enough to understand someone, don't be too shy to put your trust in them.

To trust others, we must first believe in ourselves. When we deeply believe in our strength and virtue, we believe that we are virtuous and talented enough to cope with all unforeseen situations in life without fear.

In addition, faith also creates a will, a willful person is someone who always sees opportunities in difficulties to live beyond circumstances, not counting on fate but giving up. When you maintain faith in yourself, it becomes a powerful source of energy to help you overcome all obstacles. Remember, too, that the universe always operates according to the law of gravitation, life will veer toward the things that we deeply believe in.


Donating has real meaning only when the donor has the purpose of being completely for the sake of others without inserting any benefit of his own. Only when we practice giving without choosing high or low values, without measuring it, can we receive a positive response from this universe.

And when we give and help someone but we still want the other person to remember the gratitude and return, to feel that we are noble or to accumulate blessings for ourselves, we will not get anything in return. That's why, there are people who diligently do meritorious deeds, but their lives are still very poor.

So take care of your inner self first and then give alms or give to others. Only then can we help others with real love without expecting anything in return. Only then will the donation have real value.


A person who lives with principles is a brave person who dares to put himself in the right framework to reach truth, good, and beauty. This view is absolutely true for people who are in the process of perfecting their inner self. Living with discipline, principles, not indulging in emotions, not being easy-going, spontaneous is an effective way to curb the impulsiveness of instinct.

However, for someone who has a solid inner mind, the principle is not so necessary, whether it is or not is not important. Because they have found strength in their own souls without clinging to external conditions. They can integrate but not dissolve, can contact all objects, all situations without being shaken, they have strong inner capacity to cope with all adversities and challenges.

The general principle is also just a means to forge a strong inner self, not a cover for lack of generosity. Therefore, do not apply the principle to others, because it does not work to make others better, only tolerance and support is the most valuable thing when dealing with people. If we only treat people based on rigid principles, without shared sympathy, are we humans or machines?


Concentration, which is the energy of being fully focused on one object of matter, is standing still in the present moment and being acutely aware of what is happening in and around us. The slowness and concentration of the mind can burn off defilements, making our mind lighter, calmer, and clearer.

For the most part, hazy thoughts about the past or the future only add to our stress and do not solve the problem. Only when we stop worrying, stop wandering thoughts, pay attention & believe in ourselves in the present, that is the way of life that helps us to thoroughly observe and transform everyday afflictions.

In order to cultivate a peaceful mind, we must be less busy and practice a way of life without rushing, focusing on the most important things, living slowly but not counting on it. We cannot concentrate when we still want to grasp so many things.


Today, most people live in a state of insecurity. Not because of lack of food or clothing, but because of lack of knowledge. When they see the benefits, they jump in immediately regardless of tricks, regardless of the effects caused to the "common" of society, that this universe always acts according to the law of cause and effect. When we try harder than lose, try to cultivate for ourselves, the universe will withdraw our affection or health. The more we live for the common good, the more we open our hearts to the interests of others, the more we will be favored by the universe in all aspects of life.

Life is more and more developed, people live more in favor of convenience & withdraw responsibility for the benefits of the community. Remember, the common things such as the environment, the air, the resources have no meaning, no amount of money can't fix it. How will our children and live? Here are some of the facts that seriously affect the environment that need to be understood and changed as soon as possible.

  • Use plastic bags often

Plastic bags are made from petroleum, gas & toxic additives such as plasticizers, colorants, heavy metals (lead, cadmium, etc.). Therefore, the process to make plastic bags will produce C02 gas, increasing the risk of global warming.

When burned, plastic bags will release toxic dioxins that affect the respiratory system, endocrine system, reduce immunity and increase the risk of brain & lung cancer. When used to store hot food, heavy metals will be directly contaminated with food, causing serious health effects.

Plastic bags take thousands of years to decompose. If buried in the ground, it causes soil erosion, making the soil unable to hold water & nutrients, from which plants cannot grow. If they are dumped in ponds, rivers or the sea, they will clog drains and can be ingested by marine life.

  • Don't save paper

Forests play a very important role in our survival. Thanks to the wide spreading foliage, rainwater does not pour directly onto the ground, so the surface soil layer is difficult to be washed away by rain and sun, nor does it burn the ground.

Forests not only protect the soil but also increase the fertility of the soil, a place to store water for the water to flow slowly back to feed the rivers during the rainy season. Therefore, areas with forest cover will reduce drought. Forests also have the function of making floods reduce sudden attacks. The most important thing is that the forest has absorbed CO2 emissions from car and factory smoke, to release O2 for humans. Forests are our lungs.

One of the big reasons why thousands of forests keep falling is paper production. For every 1 ton of finished paper, 5m3 of wood and 100m3 of water are required.

  • Use of chemicals in agriculture and animal husbandry

The current situation of using pesticides in farming and livestock production is increasingly uncontrolled, causing toxic chemicals to leach into soil and water sources. The chemicals used to form pesticides have the ability to last for a long time, up to hundreds of years to decompose and also have the ability to spread far away from the place of emission. Some scientific studies show that even areas with no farming activities such as the Arctic or Antarctic have found chemical levels in water sources.

So, if we just keep using pesticides bluff, it won't be long before humanity will no longer have clean water to use. If in developed countries, it is possible to apply advanced water purification technologies, but what about in undeveloped and developing countries such as Africa or some Asian countries?

Currently, about 1/6 of the world's population does not have access to clean water, and every year more than 2 million people, most of them children, die from thirst or from water-related diseases.

  • Use car & motorbike frequently

According to WHO – every year 600,000 people in Asia die from respiratory diseases. The reason is because they have to inhale harmful emissions such as C02, N02, S02 & PM10 fine dust from petrol-powered vehicles such as cars & motorbikes regularly.

In addition, these gases also create acid rain that kills forests.

  • Consumption of animal meat

Animal husbandry contributes 50-65% of methane emissions CH4 (a gas that makes the earth warmer 3 times more powerful than C02) into the atmosphere. Besides, animal husbandry also spends afforestation land to make farms or to grow raw materials for cattle & is extremely water-intensive (1 adult cow may need 41,500 liters of water per year).

Let's live responsibly with common resources so that our children and will enjoy blessings, friends.


Love is only sustainable when accompanied by love. Because love is based solely on emotions, human emotions are very changeable & saturated, especially when we notice the bad points of the other person, or encounter a more attractive object.

But in order to love a person, we must understand that person very well. Only by understanding can we sympathize with our shortcomings, we will have trust and be there for each other in difficult times, we will not have petty anger and appreciate each other's good points. In any relationship, respect is also the foundation that determines its long-term existence. People only respect each other when they understand the true value in each other.

True love is not the feeling of day and night, or the desire to be together like a picture and shadow, but the timely presence when the other person needs you the most. The more wrapped up in each other, the more each person will not have their own time to repair their body and mind, and nurture their own qualities and abilities.

When you really love each other, you will realize that you don't need to do anything big or big, just that the other half always pays attention to your small hobbies and habits so that you can make adjustments to help you live. more comfortable, is also more than enough. When the other side has a problem, you don't need to advise or solve it for them, as long as you are there to listen, empathize, and share, they already feel healed.

In the end, you only really love someone, when you are complete yourself & don't expect anything from your other half. To do that, you yourself must have a peaceful & happy life when alone, so that when you pair up with someone else, the two of you are two halves of each other, not complementary to each other. That way, the new relationship is not tiring, enduring and can be maintained for a long time.

Give yourself

Self-giving that doesn't rely on love and affection, is simply an exchange of feelings & satisfaction of needs. The easier it is for people to reach their emotional heights, the easier it is to be satisfied, bored, and uninterested in getting to know each other more deeply. In love without understanding, there is no respect. Behind that sublime feeling is the contempt for achieving the emotion easily.

Remember, people who love us may not need us anymore when we are not emotionally satisfied for them. Only people who respect, understand and love us are responsible and don't leave us in times difficult. Give yourself - do it only when 2 souls become 1.


Emotions are transient reactions in defense of the self's interests. The more people are controlled by their emotions, the more they tend to live instinctively and behave very impulsively, even though they may know a lot of good things.

In contrast, people who rarely show their emotions outside, although it is not easy to sympathize with people, the more we interact, the more secure and trustworthy they are, because they have the ability to endure and take responsibility. very high. They understand that words or actions based on their temporary feelings can hurt others.

The more easily a person indulges his feelings, the weaker he is. The brave always know how to sacrifice unnecessary good emotions, accept temporary bad emotions to reach a noble goal..

One way to forge control of your negative instincts or emotions, is to try doing occupations that are contrary to your personality and talking, being close to people you don't like. Practice taking note of criticisms, suggestions and ignoring compliments.

Whenever negative emotions arise, stop all activities to observe them. When you observe, you will understand where it comes from and how it disappears. Observation is mindfulness, as long as mindfulness is steady, bad emotions will dissolve by themselves, leaving a clear and calm inner mind like a lake without ripples. Learning how to control emotions also helps us to be able to observe all objects more thoroughly & accurately.