The Power of the Subconscious (Joseph Murphy) - Book Summary

The subconscious is the highest "god" in each of us.

This book is for:

  • Those who are fed up of daily life and want to find a change
  • Those who always wonder why their prayers are never answered
  • Those who want to find their hidden strength
  • Those who want to understand the human subconscious and its power
  • Those who want to find inner peace

About the author

Professor Joseph Murphy (1898 - 1981) was born on May 20, 1898, has written, taught, consulted and lectured to thousands of people around the world. He served as Vice President of the Church of Saints of Science in Los Angeles. Angeles for 28 years, where his lectures were attended by 1,300 to 1500 people every Sunday. His thought was influenced by Ernest Holmes and Emmet Fox - famous authors of New Thought principles.

He has written more than 30 books, offers simple yet scientifically proven techniques, and makes the astonishing fact that the power of one's subconscious mind can do wonders. heal all psychological wounds. Some of his famous books can be mentioned as  "Peace within yourself"  (1956), "Your infinite power to be rich"  (1966),  "Within you is the power"  (1977),  "The power of your subconscious mind”  (1963)

How the subconscious works and its power

In Murphy's view, the subconscious is like a dark area in the human soul, where images are never shown in everyday life. While the conscious mind is in charge of remembering what has happened, the subconscious does the job of predicting what is to come (which is why intuition is almost never wrong).

The subconscious mind reacts to human habits and thoughts. When we remain completely morally neutral at all times, the pursuit of a habit, good or bad, seems quite pleasant. People often inadvertently let negative thoughts often enter their subconscious, only to be surprised when one day it affects experiences and relationships in life. In fact, it's very rare that things happen that we don't contribute to. Bad things often lie there waiting for the right time to appear.

Insights into the subconscious reveal a stark reality, but they're also the ones that have taken humans to a giant leap forward: We can easily renew ourselves by controlling our intelligent thoughts. through what we put into our subconscious. This is the main issue covered in Murphy's book, with helpful advice that will have a huge impact on the reader's subconscious, something that is considered the key to freedom. We can eliminate negative emotions by understanding that the human subconscious is similar to a photographer. Because, if it is simply replacing a few existing images in your head with new ones, it is easy to change yourself. And we will find that changing ourselves is actually very easy.

“The power of subconscious mind is the power of belief. Trust the way your subconscious works, trust and believe in yourself.”

A voluntary belief will bring remarkable results

The subconscious is a difficult problem with the conscious. We can't force it, but the subconscious will voluntarily respond to the reaction with confidence, trusting freely that it will do its job well. Trying your best may work for conscious tasks, but it may be the cause of subconscious failure. It suggests to the subconscious that there are many things that stand in the way of what people want to accomplish.

Besides voluntary beliefs, emotions are what make it easier for the subconscious to complete tasks. Independent ideas and thoughts can train quick, rational thinking, but the subconscious mind always wants to emotionalize everything. When thoughts become emotions, and imaginations become intense desires, it will bring people what they want as quickly as possible.

But Murphy argues that understanding how the subconscious mind works is less important than developing its beliefs. William James, the father of American psychology, said that one of the greatest discoveries of the 19th century was the power of the subconscious to accompany belief. The idea that people can change lives by changing their minds may not appear in any history books about the discoveries of continents, electricity, or steam, but all the great men do. everyone knows about it.

“The only way others can make you sad is through your own thoughts.”

Believe that wishes will come true

Murphy said: “The law of thinking is the law of belief”. Belief will create side of human nature. William James found that most people's wishes come true, whether the object of their trust exists or not. In Western culture, truth is the primary value. However, no matter how important it is, it is faith that has the real power to control people's lives. Whatever we put into our subconscious mind, whether good or bad, it will manifest itself as a fact. Don't play with misfortunes, for the subconscious mind is not joking at all.

A mad person and a healthy person both have the same beliefs; Happy and unhappy differ only in how they maintain objectivity in beliefs. When a patient says he is Elvis Presley, he is not fabricating it at all, but believes he is Presley. We should also use similar beliefs for other purposes in life. The trick is to understand that something looks crazy but it really isn't, something that might have been impossible for us a year ago is now an imperative for a full heart. longing.

Health and Prosperity

In ancient culture, with its many strange customs and spells, it was subconscious consensus that was said to be the healing tool. Even in modern times, doctors use the power of reassurance to miraculously help patients recover if they are instructed to believe without a doubt that it "certainly works". According to Murphy, the miracle in medical treatment is simply the fact that the human body conforms to the subconscious standard of abundant health, while the curious nature of reason is not interfered.

Another aspect of psychotherapy is the foundation that an individual's mindset is a part of the human mind (in Emerson's view) which is directly linked to a finite source of power. That's why Murphy thinks it's possible to help those who are so far away from us, by imagining all the health, the love in the world for them, the flow of life. abundant force is renewing their entire body.

Because health and peace in the world have its own laws, prosperity also has its own laws. Most people's problem, says Murphy, is a lack of emotional support. However, those who understand the law of prosperity will not drown themselves in suffering even if they are almost empty-handed. They will see it as a reminder that it is time to reintegrate and get used to a more developed world.

The author says that the feeling of wealth, brings real wealth. The subconscious always understands and follows the real desires of people. Therefore, the lessons we learn every day, even though small, over time will create wealth in the soul. The author shows the reader the correct way to send the right signals to the subconscious to make sure that the "feelings of wealth" will manifest in real life every day.

Why are prayers often in vain?

Our universe follows a certain law and sequence. Therefore, there is absolutely no basis for us to receive answers to prayers. Life was no longer a matter of mystery than building a building. Those who understand how the subconscious mind works will know how to pray in the most scientific way.

“If you always keep the faith in your mind, your prayers will definitely be answered.”

That means that traditional prayers often express a fervent desire for the best. However, such prayers are often of little value because they are filled with doubt. Belief is actually quite simple, it's just an awareness that what we want is happening, coming to us. When people expressed fear of being grateful for God's help (even though it was something impersonal), they ceased to be the mysterious believer who wished God would recognize him.

“Fill your mind with peace, health, kindness, and great things will come to you.”


"The Power of the Subconscious" is a book written in a way that is independent of religion or belief. The first part of the book is the best, because it explains how the subconscious mind works. The rest have shown its duty and power in events such as marriage, social relationships, scientific discoveries, sleep, fear, forgiveness. For best results, we should follow the author's advice, read this book at least twice.

There are a few books that don't seem to work at all, yet so many people have said that this book changed their lives. The subconscious mind carries a great power. The author has helped readers learn that if they do not understand their subconscious mind, the desires and plans of the consciousness will never be fulfilled.

If you understand how the subconscious mind works, you will know how to turn your dreams into reality