Book Summary - The Power Of Starting Something Stupid, Richie Norton

This deeply inspirational book will show you how to smash your fears, realize your dreams, and live with no regrets; How to overcome obstacles such as lack of time, lack of knowledge or lack of money as well as show how to achieve certain success.

The book is for:

  • Those who are not brave enough to follow their dreams;
  • Those who want to succeed but don't know how to start;
  • People with procrastination.


Richie Norton is the author of two highly downloaded books on Amazon, Résumé Are Dead and What to Do About It, and the owner of the popular blog Start Stuff. Pacific Business News once voted Richie in the top 40 "best and smartest" entrepreneurs under 40 in Hawaii. He is not only an entrepreneur, but also a sought-after speaker and international business development consultant.

The more silly, the more successful

You must have at least once eagerly bragged to your friends about a very interesting idea that just popped up, only to then, after absent-mindedly listening, throw a bucket of cold water in your face, STANDING. ! Don't let anyone else get the chance to do that, if you're really confident, these crazy-sounding ideas are the key to getting you to fame.

Reality has given us a series of demonstrations of how the most innovative innovations spring from the dumbest of ideas. Perhaps they were labeled silly just because the crowd was still skeptical and didn't really get it. Who would have thought that fashion glasses for dogs bring in a profit of 3 million dollars a year? In 1876, the world fast money transfer service Western Union refused to buy Alexander Graham Bell's patent for the telephone, saying: "This device does not bring us any value." Just three years later, they had to deeply regret their irrevocable decision.

The line between a really meaningless idea and a great invention is very thin. How to distinguish them?

You must have faith in your own abilities. There's no way to measure the "nonsense" of an idea, you can only put all your faith in it. How to get this confidence? The experience of Jack Welch, the former CEO of General Electric is "feeling it in you"

That confidence is the thin line between a fool and a smart entrepreneur. Even if everyone says “No”, you still have the courage to go after it and make it happen. If you are afraid of your own crazy ideas, you will look back on your life in the future with irrevocable regrets.

Don't wait until you have enough time and money to follow your dreams.

Imagine being 80 years old, alone sitting on a stone bench and thinking back over the years, will you regret the things you couldn't do or the things you did, even though it was silly?

But right now, there's always a reason to put off your dreams. Most people think that they need to make a lot of money first, then they can freely do whatever they want. While in reality few people can ever get that rich, most people will forget their dreams in the race with money. Not having enough financial capacity, lack of time or not having a degree are just an excuse to make you stand still and mistakenly believe that you can never fulfill your dream.

“You regret the things you didn't do more than the things you did.” – Jeff Bezos never forgot this mantra, which is also the motivation that helped him leave Wall Street and start with the idea of ​​​​selling books online – the origin of Amazon.  

Let future regrets become the driving force now. If you have enough courage, it's time to bring your "absurd" ideas to life!

Break down the plan and accept the change

Embarking on a project is not that difficult. But your goal seems so far away, how do you keep yourself from getting lost on the long road to it?

Achieving small milestones in turn gives you more motivation to fulfill your big dream. For example, if you want to become a famous blogger, you can start with the task of writing articles regularly and have a certain number of readers every month.

With small plans, you also have more opportunities to try and fail than "all-or-nothing" as an important project. If your first blog topic is not well received, you are free to change to another more interesting topic instead of giving up blogging altogether.

Any industry has its own set of standards and processes. They make things run more smoothly, but sometimes they are also a barrier to innovation. To be successful, never trust the standard, constantly doubting, questioning what is considered the current standard will help you to find a more efficient way to work. Even if you have built a temporary standard yourself, the doubt-reject-build process can't be stopped, if you don't want to limit yourself. Henry Ford succeeded with the Model T concept, but soon he made the mistake of refusing to accept suggestions to improve it.

Step out of your comfort zone

Everyone is afraid of failure, no one wants to admit that they are ineffective. But new ideas need to be accompanied by courage and stepping out of the comfort zone. That is the first thing you have to do to reach your goal.

How to be brave enough? Always remind yourself why you started, strong enough desire will give you more determination to face your fears. If you hold on to a fear, it will become a weakness that limits you in the future, but if you can overcome it, you will have more motivation to overcome larger limits later.

It's never too early to challenge yourself. Don't miss even the smallest opportunity, the more you procrastinate, the lazier you become. There are many ways to overcome common procrastination. First, there's no need to try to find some spare time in your busy schedule. Create a space for yourself by actively eliminating things that are not so important or urgent. Second, simplify the task as much as possible. If you want to be a successful blogger, put your heart into writing instead of getting stuck in interface design. Finally, show off what you have done to the people around you, it will make you more responsible, work better and faster.

Build a trust network to increase resources

Success alone is quite difficult. But how do you build a network that can help you?

The first way is to approach people who already have experience with what you're doing. Let's say you're looking to sponsor an idea for an organization, contact and learn from people who have previously applied successfully.

In the relationship-building process, never forget to express gratitude. Sincere words of thanks not only make the other person feel satisfied, but they also help you get more help in the future.

Imagine if you gave money to two homeless people. One took the money straight away, the other expressed sincere gratitude. Who will you give money for the second time?

Another important factor in a relationship is trust. If you trust yourself, others will notice you and may value you more. Plus, if you trust others, they'll try to reciprocate your trust. On the contrary, when you doubt someone, they will sense and doubt you back.

Make the most of existing resources

After building a network of trust around you, you will see your resources grow from finance, advice or experience.

Messing around with what you don't have won't help your plan. Instead, make good use of what you have. In fact, many businesses have succeeded by making the most of available resources.

If you think that the only way to success is to build everything from scratch, you will never achieve it. After all, supermarkets sell stuff from elsewhere, cinemas show movies from various studios, and Google just organizes information already available online.

You will find all kinds of support resources around, especially with the internet. You can create your own channel on YouTube, sell homemade products on Etsy, or work as a freelance journalist on a blog.

If you still lack experience or finance, find a suitable mentor in your own network. Those who have succeeded will not hesitate to guide young minds and ambitions. Like Bill Hewlett, co-founder of Hewlett-Packard, mentored eighth grade Steve Jobs on a school project.

So there is no excuse for procrastination. Success will never come if you don't shake hands today!


If you don't start now, you will never fulfill your dream. Don't let the excuses of lack of money, lack of time, or lack of experience make you live a life of regret. Exploit even your most silly ideas.

Helpful advice:

Write it all down!

If you have a bunch of projects in your head, write them down. Then choose the one you can pursue immediately.

Save that list of ideas in chronological order so that you can easily refer back to them later.

If you had only a short time left to live, what would you do first? Let's start with that project. Now.