Simple Steps To Impossible Dreams, Steven K. Scott - Book Summary

With stories, advice, the author brings together specific methods and techniques that have helped him achieve his unthinkable dreams, not only in business but also in other areas of life. These are not mere theories, but real methods and ways, which have worked with the author and thousands of others who have achieved their dreams.

About the author:

Before becoming the co-founder of American Telecast Company - operating in the field of popular television in the US, Steven K. Scott experienced 9 failures in the 6 years since graduating from school.

Many of his books are bestsellers, such as: Mentored by a Millionaire; The Richest Man Who Ever Lived; The Greatest Words Ever Spoken; The Greatest Man Who Ever Lived; The Jesus Mission…

Part 1 – You have powerful potential, but you're stuck at the launch pad

“Dream is a desire from the bottom of the heart.”

A few people achieve their dreams, while the vast majority of people not only don't get what they dream of, but they stop dreaming. So it's a matter of luck? Due to IQ? Academic level? Or by experience? All is not true!

A person who achieves a dream is someone who has mastered the "art of realizing dreams". This skill can be learned by anyone and practiced to reach mastery. At first, you find it hard to believe and seem paranoid.

But what turned the high school senior Eugene Orowitz into the stellar Michael Landon he is today? What turned an unknown Steven Spielberg, a below average student, into the greatest director in Hollywood history? And what has helped me, Steven Scott, go from a miserable failure to become a successful businessman? That is, we all learn the strategies, methods, and skills that allow us to turn our dreams into reality. We could tell so many famous people achieved their biggest dreams in life, no matter how bad their background.

What prevents most people from achieving their dreams? Think of yourself as a rocket that is always ready on the launch pad, fully fueled and just waiting for the opportunity to launch into your dream space. But the rocket remains dormant, forever never launched into space without breaking the 6 chains that bind you to the launch pad and activating its 7 engines.

So, let's get started.

Part 2 – Cut off 6 chains

The first chain: You are pre-programmed with normality

Since the 1960s, psychology has been doing research: They electrocute mice when they reach the food tray. After that, even though the power was cut off, the tray had a lot of delicious food, but they did not dare to go near the tray for fear of electric shock even though they were very hungry.

We humans are also "programmed" by past events with teachers, coaches, friends, parents, to come to believe that you are just an average person. As a result, we place our fate in the hands of others. Such is the terrible effect of the pre-programmed leash of mediocrity.

To break this terrible chain, you only need to consciously recognize a long-buried reality and make corresponding adjustments in your attitudes and behavior by telling yourself that you are capable of doing it. extraordinary things in all areas of life.

The super brain that God gives you as a super computer, you must be determined to use it for the highest purpose.

The second chain: Fear of failure

The fear of failure is the hardest shackle to break. To break it, you need to understand the two components of this chain, fear and failure.

Fear is an emotion that is either very healthy, helpful, or even life-saving, so-called positive fear; or destructive, paralyzing your emotions, called negative fear.

Positive fear tells you about natural limits, laws etc… so that you act right and bring good results. The fear of negativity can seem vague, but it's so terrifying that it prevents you from doing things that are worth doing.

How to detect vague fears? Ask yourself: What do you really want? What obstacles get in the way? What makes you not dare to cope? Then your fear will emerge. Ask more questions: What bad would happen if this fear came true? If I act, what is the best that can lead to? At that time, you will relieve stress and discover your weaknesses and strengths to overcome and promote.

Failure is a thing (not a person). But any failure you experience can become a great teacher, an effective mentor to your future success. Unfortunately when you view failure as pain, tragedy, bitterness, and anger, and then you avoid future failure by avoiding risk and risk, you only offer Mediocre goals and mediocrity are the results that you will reap.

The third chain: Avoid criticism, criticism

Criticism, criticism, criticism... is sometimes difficult for you to receive, so you often try to avoid it. To break the bad influence of criticism, instead of avoiding it, face it. You say to yourself: “I will think about this”, then you need to think about the source of the criticism, the accuracy of the criticism, what is the real purpose behind the criticism… You understand. that, sometimes in the sand are gold dust particles. After practicing, you will have good habits that will support you throughout your life.

The fourth chain: Lack of clear and precise vision

If you don't have a clear concept of your destination and an accurate map, how can you begin the journey? To have a clear vision and accurate map of your journey to realizing your dreams, all you need is a notebook and pen or a computer and follow these simple steps: list them all. their desires in each area and then rearrange them in order of priority. Once you have completed this work, you have a map for the journey to your dream.

Fifth Chain: Lack of Knowledge

Each of us has only a handful of strengths and abilities, while we all have innumerable weaknesses and beyond our capabilities. In fact, no one has complete knowledge of every field. You can view a lack of knowledge as a lever for extraordinary achievements and successes. Whenever you are faced with a problem where you feel you have a huge knowledge gap, you should seek out experts in that field. Successful people are those who know how to ask others to fill in their knowledge gaps.

The sixth chain: Lack of conditions

The three most limiting conditions in life are time, talent, and money. Do not see the lack of conditions as an obstacle, but it is also a lever to help you succeed.

Time is a precious and finite asset more than anything in the world. Lost time, you will never find it back. Therefore, you must make the best use of the time you have. Extend your limited time by seeking outside help, boldly delegating your work and duties to someone you trust.

Lack of ability or talent is not an obstacle at all. List specific talents you can find in others, and hire people with that ability.

Lack of money can also be overcome. When you start a company or make a plan, list the financial sources you can rely on, from bank loans, to calling for investments or sponsors.

Part 3 – Activate seven powerful engines

Engine One: “Henry Ford Performance”

Henry Ford was not the inventor of the car, he was the one who came up with a way to mass-produce cars - and anything else - at extremely low cost, something no one had ever dreamed of before.

It is worth mentioning that the creation of the production line was a giant leap in labor productivity for American and worldwide industries.

“The process of realizing dreams” will bring you what the production line has brought to Henry Ford and the world, which is:

  • Write down your dream definition
  • Turn those dreams into specific goals
  • Turn each goal into specific steps
  • Turn each step into a specific task
  • Schedule a time to complete each of those tasks.

Second motive: “BaBe Ruth Power”

BaBe Ruth is a famous baseball player, he has set many extraordinary records that were not broken until 43 years later. The great Babe Ruth has learned to put more power into her swing and add distance to her shots, something no one else before or after him could do.

Using the image of baseball, I recommend using the technique of flying to the moon, which means you set goals that are out of reach, even unattainable by relying on your own strength. "Always aim for the moon, if you don't get there, you're still high up." The technique of "flying to the moon" in setting goals will lead to: First, you will achieve higher results than you think; second, it is more likely that the outcome will affect those around you, even generations to come.

The Third Motivation: “The Steven Spielberg Collaboration Model”

Steven is one of the few most talented and imaginative directors in Hollywood. But he also had another important, master-worthy skill, the skill of effective cooperation: recruiting the right people to collaborate, taking advantage of their abilities.

How to activate this engine? First of all, you must have a clear and precise vision of the dream. Properly assess your strengths and weaknesses, then identify the audience you need, who will make up for your shortcoming. You need to get to know their character and integrity and encourage them. You should remember that money must go hand in hand with love for that impulse to have overwhelming power.

Motivation #4: “Helen Keller Optimism”

Hellen could not admire the beauties, could not hear the wonderful sounds of life. Helen has every right and every reason to feel pain and resentment. However, her heart had no room for bitterness and hatred. On the contrary, Helen is perhaps one of the happiest and most optimistic people of the twentieth century.

“The spirit of optimism” is the fourth motivation to help you feel joy and contentment on the way to realizing your dreams. Optimism is extremely important, it is the source of motivation to motivate people to reach the top. That is a common trait of all successful people.

Fifth Motivation: “Earthquake Persuasion”

Not only is the earthquake powerful, but it also illustrates all the most important elements of the art of persuasion.

Persuasion is really an art that helps you to achieve good things with and for others. The principle of persuasion is respect, that is, you must listen, feel, touch the heart, mind and will of the object - like the earthquake has affected the emotions, the will. and human action.

To draw the attention of the subject, you must use the art of "fishing hook". There are three types of hook that are most effective: using an image of an important person, using a specific question or making a statement, or making a strong statement. In order for persuasion to be complete, you need to motivate action by eliciting a "desire for gain" or a "fear of loss" in the subject. Persuasive communication is the universal key that opens many doors into the minds and hearts of others.

The Sixth Motivation: “The Endurance of the Pit Bull Breed”

The Pitbull is a small dog, very friendly and gentle. But when attacked, it becomes aggressive, stubborn, it doesn't give up or run away, but finds the enemy's dangerous places to bite (even though the opponent may be bigger than it), fights until it wins. new. Its highlight is perseverance, endurance, nothing can be subdued.

If there is one person whose life is the embodiment of perseverance, it is Thomas Edison. He said genius is 1% inspiration and 99% perseverance.

To practice perseverance, we first define our vision and apply the process of realizing our dreams to aim for the moon; spread your vision to others; implementing the Steven Spielberg partnership model; accept criticism, failure as a part of life and learn to handle it; Accept difficulties and obstacles and come up with creative solutions, maintaining the marathon level.

Seventh Engine: “Planning Priority, As Accurate as Lasers”

If the moment of your day is under the control of your surroundings, the needs, wants, and demands of others, you are in a state of loss of control. The result is stress, depression, dissatisfaction. Wake up – take back control of your life now. To do this, you must take three simple steps: You must realize how time "escapes" you; must learn to hold or control it; and know how to manage it.

Letting time inadvertently pass on things is a waste of work, because human life is "not short enough".

You have to deal effectively with the tendency to beg for mercy. Responsible management of the precious asset "time", you can achieve the most important dreams.

Part 4 – Go to your impossible dream

Fuel for Seven Engines: "Passion for Oprah Winfrey"

Oprah Winfrey appeared first in an interview with Barbara Walters. Barbara asked: “Oprah, how did it feel to live in the Deep South as a child? You must feel terrible and painful because of the racism?" Oprah replied, "Barbara, since I was a kid, I've discovered that there is no discrimination against what is excellent."

Great! Barbara couldn't ask any more questions. Oprah has responded in life, responding to negative behaviors wisely and kindly. Therefore, the pain she endured helped her become richer in love instead of harboring extreme bitterness. Her quality is her endless passion for life, work and the people around her.

Passion is the fuel that keeps all seven engines running, the key to Oprah's success. It is the mysterious power that helps those who aim for the moon and get there.

Bill Gates' fortune is worth about 36 billion dollars, maybe he and his wife can use it up to 360 years later, not including interest. Yet Bill Gates still goes to work every day, working hard. Why did he have to work so hard? Just for the sake of passion! There are many such people, they love their work so much that they never stop rushing forward.

Where does passion come from? Some people seem to be born with a burning passion in their hearts. Others have to learn how to ignite the fire of passion and nurture it. If in the second case, step by step, you can “plant” your passion into an area where you want to achieve success.

Passion fuel is a mixture of three ingredients: vision, hope, and satisfaction. When you have a clear definition of your dream, you put the first ingredient of passion for that dream into your mind. Hope is a real expectation of a particular outcome, the more likely that outcome, the greater your hope, hope is the "explosive" ingredient that creates energy. quantity.

The final ingredient is the pleasure satisfaction you experience when you get the job done. Like the "snowball" effect, the greater the achievement, the greater the joy, the greater the joy, the higher the passion, the higher the passion, the greater the achievement. And so on…

Activate your engines

The synergy of the seven huge engines means nothing when you don't activate them. A small switch in your heart can instantly activate each motive: Faith.

“Faith is what is real for which man hopes, and is the proof of what is not seen” (the Bible). Trust is not some invisible abstract feeling. Nor is it hope. It's real and authentic. True belief always produces a corresponding action in order to bring proof of its existence. Believe in this book, because these are not just theories but real methods and ways, which have worked for the author and thousands of others who have achieved their dreams.