Creative Visualization (1982), Shakti Gawain - Book Summary

“Every moment of your life is infinitely creative and the vast universe is generous. As long as you ask clearly enough, everything your heart desires will find its way.”


Psychologists have shown that visualization methods can all create the right path to the success we desire or whatever. Imagination opens the way” shares a way to use creative imagination in a more conscious, self-directed way, as a technique to create what we really want. The book gives us the key to open the door to good things, to embrace life's natural generosity. The book has sold more than three million copies and been translated into 25 languages.

Who should read this book?

  • Anyone who has a dream, ambition and wants to achieve it.
  • Anyone who wants to be in control of their own destiny.
  • Those who lack faith in life.

Author information

Shakti Gawain is one of the pioneers in proposing ways to discover the mysterious potentials of spirituality to help people reach the heights on the journey to perfection. Over the past 25 years, her name has attracted the attention of many readers around the world with valuable works such as Creative Visualization, Living in the Light, The Path of Transformation, Four Levels of Healing, Creating True Prosperity … Her books have been translated into more than 30 different languages ​​and have sold over 10 million copies. Shaki Gawain is also a spiritual master. She has helped thousands of people achieve breakthroughs in awareness, find inner balance, and enjoy life more fully.

“We always attract what we think about most, believe most strongly, hope most deeply, and imagine most vividly.”

What is imaginative creation?

Life tends to happen as the thoughts and images you have about it, good or bad. So why not imagine your future the way you want it to?

Imaginary creation is the magic that creates the truest and most sublime meaning of the world. It involves understanding and agreeing with the natural laws that govern the way the universe works, and learning how to use these laws delicately and creatively.

There is nothing new or strange when it comes to visual creativity. We have been creating countless things about life with our human imagination, such as pictures or movies of what we want to happen or what we fear will happen. We are always visualizing things unconsciously. With intuitive creativity, you can proactively decide and take responsibility for what you want to happen in your life.

The exercise of intuitive creativity is about understanding the connection between imagination and reality, between the unseen laws that govern the world, and scientific reality. Is it possible that failure to get what you want happens simply because you lack knowledge and awareness of how the universe works? This book will be especially helpful if you are someone who goes with the flow but realizes that you need to have control over your future. This is the paradox that Shakti Gawaing encountered when she started writing this book. So you are not alone!

If you've never seen a vibrant flower or a magnificent sunset before, and someone describes it to you, you'll feel like it's a miracle (which it really is). position). But once you have seen it for yourself, and have learned the laws of nature that relate to them, you will understand how they are made, and everything seems normal and no longer magical. position. The same is true of visual creation. Things that seem wonderful and impossible to limited education or the average mind become completely understandable once we learn and practice with the methods below.

The science behind creativity in fantasy

How does imaginative creativity work?

The essence of the universe is energy. When you break down all matter into smaller parts, they form energetic particles that, when combined in a special way, create the illusion of a solid object.

Different types of matter will have different levels of particle vibration. A stone, a flower, or a person are all energies that move in varying degrees of vibration. Energy sources with similar qualities or fluctuations will often attract each other. A thought is a light form of energy that moves and tends to seek physical manifestation.

When we creatively or affirmatively visualize a positive outcome and state, we are emitting thought energy into the universe. The universe will react with problems and events. Intuitive creativity is literally sowing the seeds for the life you've always dreamed of.


Think about what you really want in life: A new job, a new business plan, a good relationship, a sense of peace and serenity, improved mental skills. kindness, extraordinary athletic ability…

With creative imagination, the key to success is to let the mind go completely blank to bring inspiration back to zero. You will usually feel this state right before you go to bed, or when you just wake up in the morning, during meditation, or while sitting by a river or in a forest. While initial hunches always make you daydream about the good things you wish for, the real purpose of this is to remove your normal defenses and let thoughts flow and manifest. yourself to new heights. From this mindset you will tend to only think about the things that are really best for you or the things that make you extremely happy. For example, if you are having a problem with someone at work, instead of being tired of negative emotions such as anger, hatred, Imagine yourself talking to that person openly and comfortably. Whatever happened between the two of you before that, let it pass and bless them.

Gawain also notes that the purpose of visual creativity is not to manipulate people with your thoughts - it can't be effective if you use it to manipulate or for some negative purpose - but to Remove the inner barriers that prevent you from coming to natural harmony.

Some points to keep in mind when using creative techniques in imagination

  • Faith

You don't have to believe in spiritual ideas or metaphysical theories for visual creativity to really work; All the necessary competencies to do it successfully are already within you.

  • Confirmation

You don't have to actually see the pictures to be a creative visual person. Some people aren't very good at this and find it more effective to just think about what they really want, or make it a definite affirmation (e.g., “I deserve the best and it is coming to me right now”). Assertiveness according to Gawain is certainty about what you are imagining. They should be said in the present tense and have verbs in them. You can add strength to your words by invoking God, the gods, or the universe.

When you say affirmations like, “Divine light exists within me and is working to create miracles in my life,” you may feel odd at first, but it gradually builds up. will be replaced with confidence and peace. Once images or affirmations become a part of who you are, miracles really happen.

  • Accept yourself

You may feel unworthy of getting what you want in life. Before visualizing, make sure you are willing to accept whatever comes your way. Love yourself first.

  • Health and Prosperity

You can heal yourself and others by visualizing absolute wellness and begin to perceive the richness of the universe by visualizing all that is being created continuously.

According to Gawain, the deeper you dive into visual creation, the more you will perceive it as less of a technique but more like a state of consciousness and you'll realize you can influence your world. how much. You can let go of worries or plans because you will suddenly realize that these things are actually less likely to change than comfortably envisioning outcomes that reflect lofty goals. your.

Lesson learned

Creative visualization is a rather thin book and you may be disappointed when you first flip through it, but the principles and many exercises in it have changed the lives of many people. many people. The book has drawn basic lessons to help you have a better life through an ability that seems to be available in every person. All we need to do is read carefully the principles laid out in it and practice to master the skill of creative imagination. A future with dreams come true is not too far away once you understand the laws of the universe.


Imagination opens the way by author Shakti Gawain telling us about the power of imagination in life. Being aware of human success is not only limited to knowledge but also imagination in the brain, with simple easy-to-understand writing style plus exercises to help readers apply to live a better, successful life. more work. In principle, this book is quite similar to Jonseph Murphy's "The Power of the Subconscious", but in terms of interpretation, there are differences between the experiences of each author. In Shakti Gawain, the brain is divided into two parts, alpha and beta, and in Jonseph Murphy, the brain is conscious and subconscious. However, this is a very good book for people who want to change themselves to succeed.