To-do list without the mess

Manage personal & work tasks like a champ with Zen Task, the simplest to-do list app.
Collaborate easily with team members & clients.
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Simple & intuitive design

We keep Zen Task's design minimal by choice, enabling you to put your personal and work tasks in order.
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Details, only when needed

Double-click on a card to add notes, assign a member, or set a due date.
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Simple default lists

Inbox, Today, Someday are 3 default lists to help you stay organized.

• Add any current items to Inbox. Think of it as your default go-to list.
• Items due today go into Today, automatically.
• Add non-current items to Someday.
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Organize anything with Projects

Create new projects to help you manage personal and work life: shopping list, favorite quotes, business ideas, website project, or anything else.
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Collaborate & assign

Add team members or clients to a project, then assign members to each task. Getting things done as a team is that easy!
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Our users love Zen Task

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“I've tried all to-do list tools out there. This is my favorite!"
Sam D.
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“Zen Task always stays open throughout my work day. Couldn't live without this app."
Lan D.
Marketing Manager
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"My entire team runs on Zen Task. Highly recommend this!
John M.
Founder & CEO

What is a To-do list app?

To-do-list apps are an easy way to organize and manage your daily tasks and activities. They give you a simple list of everything you need to do, so you can check them off as you go. Some to-do-list apps also keep track of how much time you spend on each task, so they are a great way to learn how to be more efficient in your day.

What makes a great to-do list app?

1. Ability to add tasks quickly: Ideally, a task can be added in a click or a keystroke. With Zen Task, click on New Task or press the Space key.

2. Different ways to organize your tasks: How clean is your to-do list? An effective to-do list app has tags, lists, projects and due dates to provide the necessary organization. Zen Task offers some of these organizational categories so that you can easily create a well-structured task list.

3. Remind you about deadlines: The notifications are integral to many popular to-do list applications. The best apps will make it obvious when something needs to be completed.

4. Easy to use: The best to-do apps have clean, flexible user interfaces that don't get in the way of your intended tasks. With well-created features, you can focus on getting back to what you're supposed to be doing.

About Zen Task

Zen Task is part of Zen Flowchart's productivity suite. It offers a to-do list app to help you manage tasks and projects with ease.

Zen Task's default lists are Inbox, Today, Someday, and Assigned to Me. Add any current task to Inbox, later on, you can drag tasks within Inbox to the appropriate project or list. Cards with today due date will be added to Today list automatically. Likewise, cards assigned to you will be added to Assigned to me list automatically. Add any non-current task to Someday list.

Beside these default lists, you can create unlimited projects to manage anything, from shopping list, work task, business ideas, to recipes, favorite quotes. Beyond managing tasks, lists can be used in all sorts of ways.

Feedback / Support

Thank you for using Zen Task! We're always looking for ways to improve our product.

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