Sounds to focus & calm

Zen Sounds offer free white noise and background sounds to help you focus, meditate, calm, sleep.
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White noise to focus

Our extensive sound library offers you all kinds of white noise and background sounds. From nature sounds to urban ambient sounds, listen & let your mind focus on the task at hand.
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Meditate with calming music

Unwind and meditate with long meditation tracks on repeat.
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Back to nature

Get back to nature with our nature sound collection: soft rain, downpour, forests, bird chirps, ocean waves, underwater, streams...
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Calming tracks to help you drift into sweet slumber.
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Lowfi Beats

Groove to endless lowfi hiphop beats to relax and concentrate.
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Background Sounds

We’ve all experienced that moment when you can’t concentrate on the task in front of you because your thoughts are too busy. So, what do you do? You turn on some music or find a podcast to listen to. But what if you don’t want any sound at all? Well, background sounds like white noise and nature sounds could be the perfect alternative for you.

Research has shown that background noise can improve your cognitive performance, especially when you're doing tasks that require a lot of concentration. It can also help you sleep better and reduce stress levels. If you're not sure about the best kind of background noise to use for a task, try using nature sounds like waves or rainfall.

About Zen Sounds

Zen Sounds is a curated library of free white noise and background sounds. Our library offers: White Noise, Rain Noises, Focus Music, Calming Music, Nature Background, Background Music. Our goal is to help both students and professionals to stay focused, sleep better, calm down, relax or meditate. We're constantly adding new mixes so you have even more choices for the background noise for your work, study, or relaxing activities.

We take great pride in knowing that so many people are using our tool to find productivity, peace and clarity in their lives - we know this will benefit individuals in their personal and professional lives.

If you have more sound requests, please send them to

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