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Less noise, more substance with Zen Notes, the simplest note-taking app.
Powered with live collaboration to keep your team in sync.
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Trusted by +1.6 million users worldwide

Intuitive interface

We took a radical approach in designing Zen Notes. No clutter. No excess features.

The result is a note app that is simple, collaborative, and does one thing best: to organize your ideas.
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Rich text & markdown support

Write and format notes quickly using either the formatting toolbar, or learn markdown shortcuts to format as you type.
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Tag to organize

To categorize and manage notes, add multiple tags to a note. Labels will be automatically created so you can access your notes easily.
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Manage knowledge bases

Use notebooks to organize your team's knowledge base, project wiki, or to organize your personal notes in a more structured way.
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Edit collaboratively

Our real-time live editing feature lets multiple editors work on the same note at once.
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Our users love Zen Notes

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“My favorite note app. So simple, yet so capable."
Tim C.
College student
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“Zen Notes is my go-to app for note-taking. Delightful!"
Trang P.
Sales & Marketing Manager
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"Wonderfully simple. Despite the many note apps available, our teams keep coming back to this."
James P.
Founder & CEO

About Zen Notes

Zen Notes is a collaborative note-taking app that lets anyone create and share notes easily. Whether you're working on a project in close collaboration with colleagues, or making a quick grocery list to send to your roommate, Zen Notes is the perfect tool for you.

Zen Notes was born out of frustration from the difficulty of capturing ideas quickly in e-mails and Microsoft Word documents. We're all about simplifying your work and saving you time. It's simple, but packed with features like search, tags, notebooks, live collaborative editing, etc.

What makes a good note-taking app?

A good note-taking app helps you organize your thoughts and notes. A great note-taking app should offer a variety of options to help you out. For example, you might use their search function to find what you need quickly and easily. You can also bookmark key points or create folders for different classes.

A great note-taking app should be easy to use. It should have a clean layout that is intuitive. Features should not be overwhelming and the app should minimally interfere with your daily life.

Our superpowers

Zen Flowchart offers an amazing suite of diagramming & productivity apps. All-in-one goodness.
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Plan, brainstorm, and collaborate. All in real-time.
Note-taking app for minimalists. Powered with live collaboration.
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To-do list without the mess. Manage personal & work tasks.
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Background sounds to focus, meditate, and sleep.
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More apps...
More apps will be added soon. Stay tuned!