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Real-time collaboration & brainstorming

Invite team members and clients to view, comment, or collaborate on your whiteboard. Zen Flowchart’s whiteboard is the perfect tool for brainstorming, planning, or teaching sessions.

Intuitive whiteboard design

We stripped away all complicated and unnecessary features from our online whiteboard software. The result is a thoughtfully simple, yet fully capable interface.
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zen flowchart

Unlimited canvas

Unlike physical whiteboards, our online workspace extends infinitely, so your team can brainstorm without limits.

Whiteboard your way

Our shape library offers countless ready-made components (flowchart shapes, wireframe components, notes, images, icons, etc.) so you can create all kinds of diagrams and express ideas in creative ways!
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Whiteboarding, made simple.

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What Is An Online Whiteboard?

Online Whiteboard
Online Whiteboard

An online whiteboard is a digital application that can be used in the same way as a physical whiteboard on a classroom or conference room wall. It’s a tool for collaboration and sharing of ideas.

It’s great for making presentations or teaching lessons because what you put on it shows up immediately to everyone else who has access to the whiteboard.

The application itself is very simple. It allows you to write, draw, or sketch out ideas on your screen and share in real-time with your coworkers or classmates. Multiple people can make edits to the same whiteboard to share ideas and make comments.

Most online whiteboards can sync up with digital conferencing software like Zoom for a richer user experience.

Benefits Of A Digital Whiteboard

Digital whiteboards are the way of the future and there are many benefits to using one:

Encourage Collaboration

The purpose of a digital whiteboard is to allow people to collaborate on a project. It provides an interface where you can share ideas with your team and get real-time feedback, suggestions, and edits.

Because so many people work from home these days, it can be difficult to create a collaborative environment to work on team projects. Using a digital whiteboard makes it feel like you are in the same room as the rest of your team. It makes a big difference in productivity to have a tool that fosters teamwork.

Provide Flexibility

Digital whiteboards enable you to work on important projects with your team from anywhere. Whether you are working from your home office, traveling on the road, or working with team members who are located overseas, using a digital whiteboard gives you the flexibility to sign in and work together.

With a digital whiteboard, you can make important presentations and host key meetings even when your whole team can’t attend in person. Having this technology provides a new level of flexibility that didn’t exist before.

Promote Creativity

There are other collaboration software programs out there that allow you to share documents and presentations with other people, but a digital whiteboard takes it one step further.

The interface of the whiteboard is dynamic and full-color, so you are able to illustrate your ideas clearly without being limited by the confines of a word processor or spreadsheet.

Digital whiteboards are great for creative projects where you may want to storyboard a concept or sketch a mock-up of an idea to make your point.

What can we do with an online whiteboard?

The sky is the limit with an online whiteboard application. If you can draw or write it, you can share it. Here are some ways you can use an online whiteboard:

Plan Projects

If you have a project coming up, use an online whiteboard to plan and execute with your team. You can sketch an outline, assign tasks to one another, and keep track of project status using an online whiteboard. This can help eliminate long, frustrating meetings that take up valuable time and give everyone more time to work.

Leave Notes

Most online whiteboard applications have a sticky note feature that allows you to leave digital notes for other members of your team. You can open up a whiteboard just for the purpose of sharing notes with one another.

This is a great feature for companies where everyone is working remotely and you can’t physically leave a sticky note on someone’s desk. It is an easy way to communicate in an unofficial way without bogging down email inboxes or making a phone call.

Host Brainstorming Sessions

You can use an online whiteboard to brainstorm with your coworkers as well. If you have a project or deadline coming up, you can schedule a time to share a whiteboard and discuss ideas.

Because the whiteboard updates in real-time, everyone who is participating can update on their computers, and their ideas will show up immediately for discussion.

Online Whiteboard Best Practices

Online whiteboard - zen whiteboard

Online whiteboards make communication easy and efficient. Here are some tips to make the best use of your online whiteboard:

1. Be professional - Never put anything on a digital whiteboard that you don’t want your entire team (including your boss!) to see. Anyone could save or screenshot your whiteboard, so make sure you keep things work-related and positive.

2. Write / draw clearly - If you are going to be sharing content with your team, make sure you articulate your ideas with writing or drawings that make sense. Use bold/bright colors, try to write clearly, and keep drawings and sketches simple and to the point.

3. Keep it simple - The simplicity of an online whiteboard can make it easy to overcrowd your whiteboard with ideas and concepts. Make sure you are only sharing things that are well thought out and researched to avoid wasting your coworkers’ time.

About Zen Flowchart

Zen Flowchart is the simplest online software to create flowcharts, wireframes, whiteboards, and more. With a minimal and intuitive user interface, creating diagrams and collaborating on Zen Flowchart is easy and delightful.

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