Work From Home has been a familiar phrase to us these days. Below I would like to introduce to everyone some of the applications and websites that I have used to help work from home to create a more exciting and effective learning and working atmosphere, as well as to improve the quality of life. physical health, mental health and personal development.

1. I Miss My Cafe


I miss my cafe is a virtual cafe where you can customize everything yourself. From the sound of rain, the sound of the bartender, the sound of people talking, the sound of coffee grinders. Besides, I miss my cafe is also linked with Spotify and you can enjoy the music mixed with other sounds quite pleasant. However, the playlist of I miss my cafe seems to have only one and has not been updated regularly, so this is the only minus point for me.

2. Sound of colleagues


For those of you who work in the office, this emulator website is an interesting choice to relieve the nostalgia of colleagues. The Sound of Colleagues can let users choose the sound of a coffee machine, a phone, a keyboard, or a printer similar to what we often hear in the office.

People can also visit I Miss The Office: . However, I personally like and often use The Sound of Colleagues more because the feeling is more realistic, the sounds are also easier to adjust.

3. Lofi player


For Lofi music fans, this is a pretty interesting website because you can also mix a lofi song to your liking.

With a pixelated graphical interface that recreates a room, you can click on objects in the room to turn on/off their sound on the existing beat to create a lofi you like. You can also adjust the tone, volume, tempo and effects of the instrument, TV sound, rain sound, etc.

4. Pomodoro

Pomodoro is a fairly common method of increasing productivity with the formula to do/learn a task for 25 minutes, then rest for 5 minutes and continue to do the next task. With this tool, you can control your working time, be more focused because there is a countdown timer, as well as always be reminded to exercise, rest while working, avoid working that affects your health. strong.


5. FitOn


FitOn is an application that guides yoga, cardio, pilates exercises, ... with reputable trainers and is completely free. FitOn's workouts are clearly labeled with the right training time for your needs, duration, intensity, or equipment you want. FitOn tracks your workouts and awards badges corresponding to the intensity of your workouts. Besides, FitOn also gives very healthy and scientific eating tips, but this feature requires a fee. FitOn is available on Android and iOS operating systems.

6. Insight Timer


Insight Timer is a platform for taking care of and improving mental and spiritual health with lessons, podcasts, music, live events and articles on meditation, sleep, yoga, and more. inner peace. Most of the lessons, listening and music lessons, or meditation guides are free to help you improve psychological problems such as anxiety disorders, depression, insomnia, etc. Insight Timer currently has a website and mobile app.