Mechanical keyboard for programmers
Mechanical keyboards for programmers

For programmers, mouse and keyboard are extremely important, it is a big part of helping us get the job done. Here are 5 of our favorite keyboards, made for programmers:

1. Matias Tactile Pro. Price 150 USD – Mechanical keyboard for programmers

Matias Tactile Pro & Mini Tactile Pro
Matias Tactile Pro Keyboard

Tactile Pro 4 is considered Matias' masterpiece to declare war directly against the Unicomp Model M. It has an industrial design and styling that is easily reminiscent of modern designs and, of course, it looks cleaner and more elegant than the Model M. Matias has marked his difference with this keyboard model by not using a buckling spring like the M model, nor using the traditional Cherry MX switch, but using the Alps switch.

Basically, this different type of switch is also clicky and has very high key sensitivity. The typing keys have a crunchy feel, similar to that on the Unicomp but with a higher timbre than the Model M keyboards. And the feature of this keyboard line is very high key sensitivity, feeling like a hand. Surfing the keys

And also, unlike the conservative Unicompt, Matias is more open to the outside world. The proof is that they produce many versions of Tactile Pro 4 to meet the needs of many different consumer groups, including: the full-sized version, TKL, Mini Tactile Pro, and Quiet Pro.

This is a keyboard for fans of classic and loud music, but of course, you don't want to put on the table a bulky item like Unicomp.

2. Matias Ergo Pro. (~$200 USD)

Mechanical keyboard for programmers
Matias Ergo Pro.

The Matias Ergo Pro is an ergonomic detachable ergonomic keyboard made from high-quality brand plastic that feels solid in the hand. The layout of this keyboard is very flexible, consisting of two separate arrays but with the ability to move far and near arbitrarily. Each side consists of 3 legs, which can be changed in height, tilt, or skew at will, so that when combined into a block, it is still as seamless as a regular keyboard.

The keyboard's tight linkage includes a precise USB 2-hub and three-port, which is extremely convenient for tightly linking multiple devices at the same time. Underneath are four DIP switches to switch layouts and use simple keys, namely to switch between Mac and Windows.

Underneath the Ergo Pro keys is a Matias switch that is both tactic and quiet, considered a spotless variant of the Apls and arguably even quieter than the Cherry MX Red Silent. However, what really makes the Ergo Pro feel rare is its superb ergonomic design.

3. Fujitsu Happy Hacking Keyboard Professional 2 (~$241 USD)

Fujitsu ra mắt bàn phím Happy Hacking Keyboard Pro 3 mới
Fujitsu Happy Hacking Keyboard

Happy Hacking Keyboard (HHKB) Professional 2 Type-S is about the same size as other modern, popular mini keyboards (like POK3r and WASD). This is a 60% mechanical keyboard and is only used for typing and typing in a very light, smooth, and comfortable way, like sunbathing on the beach. This keyboard has no programming keys, no lights, no layers, but it is the original and neat keyboard.

Some people, when looking at it, can immediately conclude that it is a not-so-beautiful mechanical keyboard. Because it's really nothing but a gray font on an idyllic creamy white background, a plastic shell, and a PBT keycap. Of course, there is another version with darker, cooler tones, but it's all still a simplicity that many people consider boring.

4. Input Club's NightFox – Mechanical keyboard for programmers

Input Club NightFox - The KING of Compact Keyboards? - YouTube
NightFox Keyboard

If you want to compare the most iconic way, it can be said that the Input Club's NightFox 65% keyboard is a miniature version of a dedicated coding machine. The outer shell is finished in a smooth dark gray color, and the solid PBT keycap set is also gray with black characters, both hidden and visible, creating a harmonious, implicit, and powerful overall appearance in a compact size.

The keyboard has a moderate key height design, like OEM, with a slight shift on the keys and the Cherry switch below, providing a harmonious, balanced typing feeling, everything just right, comfortable and comfortable. That is the feeling of typing that a professional programmer is always looking for.

This Input Club keyboard can also reprogram the keys. The colors are available in two versions, NightFox and WhiteFox, with the adjustment of the function keys having a distinct red color to create a clear impression to make typing faster and easier even in low light conditions. These two versions originally did not have LED lights.

5. Apple Aluminum Wireless Keyboard (Apple Aluminum)

Mechanical keyboard for programmers
Apple Aluminum Wireless Keyboard (Apple Aluminum)

This type of keyboard is no longer new to Apple fans. Apple Aluminum is designed to be thin, with an aluminum shell and a layout similar to the MacBook.Many programmers love its compact size (no number pad area) and caps-lock prevention mechanism.


"The keys are separated by an aluminum surface, and that helps a lot in preventing fat-finger errors. I encourage you to use it no matter what operating system you are using." - Haploid

"Compact and beautiful :) " - Randolf RF

"This is my favorite type of keyboard" - Dongsheng Cai