Mirrorless cameras are gradually gaining the upper hand thanks to their good image quality and compact design, knocking out traditional DSLRs.

For over 50 years, mirrorless cameras (SLRs and DSLRs) have become photography icons thanks to their impressive specs and sturdy bodies that exude signature professionalism.

However, the giants in the field of digital photography such as Sony, Canon and Nikon have gradually miniaturized devices while still inheriting the inherent professional characteristics. That's when the compact mirrorless cameras were born, they gradually took over the sales of DSLR cameras.

According to Techno System Research data , a total of 5.65 million interchangeable-lens cameras were manufactured in Japan in 2020, which includes 3.26 million mirrorless cameras compared to 2.39 million cameras. DSLRs. This is also the first year mirrorless cameras in Japan outsold DSLRs. The Japan Photographic Products Association (CIPA) in February also released data showing that camera sales dropped sharply in 2020 due to the pandemic. In which, the reduction of mirrorless cameras is 24%, while the number of DSLRs is up to 48%.

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Sony is a pioneer in the research and production of high-end mirrorless cameras. Photo: The Verge .

By 2021, major DSLR camera manufacturers like Canon or Nikon will accept the fact that this camera line is no longer capable of thriving in the future. Canon representatives confirmed that the company is focusing on developing RF mount lenses for mirrorless cameras, while Nikon also said that it is focusing on mirrorless cameras.

The outstanding feature of mirrorless cameras is that they are small, easy to carry, and possess a much better focus system than DSLRs. Mirrorless cameras also often have hundreds of focus points compared to just dozens on DSLRs.

“You have full information about the light passing through the sensor almost all of the time, and one of the most important factors you can use is the mirrorless camera's very good focusing ability,” said Stephen. Shankland, CNET 's longtime reporter and photographer said.

Besides, mirrorless cameras are highly appreciated for the movie recording function. These devices possess a compact design, near-absolutely accurate focusing capabilities, and a variety of accompanying video recording technologies.

Of course, DSLR cameras still have their own customers, who require high battery capacity, resistance to extreme weather. This is quite understandable because DSLRs often have larger bodies, equipped with sturdy and durable materials to serve different purposes in many separate environments.

In addition, the price of lenses used for mirrorless cameras is still quite high and cannot reach the general user segment. They usually cost 1.5-2 times more than lenses of the same focal length and aperture used on DSLRs.

According to data from the Camera and Imaging Products Association of Japan, the interchangeable-lens camera market, which includes both DSLR and mirrorless, will not be able to reach the saturation stage as previously claimed by Canon. Each camera series has its own function and will be tailored to the specific needs of the user.

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