Reading a lot, experimenting with new technologies, finding career directions, and determining income levels is what it takes to get into the blockchain industry.

Any job has certain threshold requirements. For blockchain, knowledge and understanding of this field is even more important because it is a branch of technology.

The characteristic of the technology industry is that new information and projects are constantly being launched. Therefore, researching and directly using cryptocurrency and blockchain products is constantly a prerequisite to join this playground.

The closest experience is probably participating in cryptocurrency trading. To boost the motivation to read news, announcements, updates of your favorite projects every day, nothing is better than investing money. From the information flow, it becomes easier to choose quality blockchain products among many solutions on the market.

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Cryptocurrency trading brings many unexpected benefits. Photo: CoinMarketCap.

Using blockchain software helps to understand the operating process, how the product works, thereby making investment decisions. Not stopping there, during the experience, if there are any advantages or disadvantages, giving direct feedback to the developers is also a way to support the project and build relationships.

The wide network of friends in the blockchain field increases the likelihood of finding a job. Registering to attend conferences, seminars to share knowledge about blockchain besides the goal of improving knowledge, this is also an opportunity to get acquainted and exchange with leaders, founders, leading experts in the industry.

Determine the direction

Careers related to the blockchain field do not stop at engineers or programmers. A successful technology project is a combination of many personnel in different departments. Each career direction has different knowledge requirements, probationary period and conditions for recruitment.

Programming is the first profession that most people think of when it comes to blockchain. Understanding the syntax of programming languages ​​such as C++, Solidity, Go, Javascript is required to apply for this position. Sometimes programmers have to learn another language depending on the specifics of the project, but the names above are the most common.

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Blockchain Hackathon where programmers show off their skills. Photo: SERN.

To have hot information about the cryptocurrency market, it is impossible not to mention the role of journalists and reporters. Being able to combine crypto and blockchain knowledge, thereby writing a compelling story is the requirement of any newsroom or media.

Cryptocurrency projects are always in need of analysts to help them build operational processes as well as make assessments about upcoming trends. Mastering the steps to develop a technology project and having background knowledge in business and finance are conditions to apply for the position of analyst.

The trend of virtual universes (metaverse) and non-fungible tokens (NFT) are creating more jobs for artists and artists who are soon engaged in learning about technology. Besides selling their own works, artists can participate in designing for many active blockchain or metaverse game projects.

Specific salary

Last but not least is income. Although the price of cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin and Ethereum is very high, it does not mean that the income of careers in the blockchain field is the same. Depending on the company, job density and level, the salary fluctuates accordingly.

Programmers often have a higher income than other professions because this is a highly specific job. The average salary of a blockchain programmer in Vietnam is $2,033 , according to a report from VietnamWorks.

For the remaining jobs, the income level usually follows the average salary bracket of the market. However, besides the salary, the accompanying benefits such as being involved in investing in working projects sometimes outweigh the hard income.

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Young artist Xeo Chu and his NFT painting worth 23,000 USD . Photo: Internet.

In the near future, when more and more blockchain projects are announced, the recruitment demand for this field will increase rapidly. Constantly learning to prepare for a future full of changes is a must.