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The simplest flowchart maker

Create flowcharts, organizational chart, process maps in minutes.
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The fastest mind map maker. Forever Free.

Brainstorm & create mind maps at the speed of thought.
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Real-time collaboration

Plan, brainstorm, collaborate on a shared whiteboard. All in real-time.
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Notes that bring you zen

Less noise, more substance with the simplest note-taking app. Powered with live collaboration to keep your team in sync.
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To-do list without the mess

Manage personal & work tasks like a champ with the simplest to-do list app.
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Background sounds to focus & calm

Zen Sounds offers free white noise and background sounds to help you focus, meditate, calm, sleep.
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OKRs, made easy.

Zen OKR offers a simple tool to manage personal and team goals with ease.
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About Zen Flowchart

Zen Flowchart offers a product suite of productivity apps: flowchart, mind map, whiteboard, notes, task, sounds, and more... all within a single website. Our design philosophy is modern & minimalistic. We do our best think through each product's use case from the ground up. In the process, we remove any unnecessary component or feature, in an effort to flatten the learning curve completely. If users have to read through manuals or look at video tutorials, to us, that's wasted productivity.

We plan to add more tools to our product suite to further improve our users' productivity. Anything you want to see us build? Let us know here: help@zenflowchart.com